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The year 2022 marks the 67th anniversary and the beginning of DORCO’s new ESG initiative. To celebrate the new start and recognize the dedication of DORCO employees, a new project, DORCO MAKEOVER, has gone live. For this episode, Jihoon Yang – manager of Patent Strategy Team – has joined the project and shared his stories at DORCO while the transformation took place.  


Yang Jihoon, Manager of Patent Strategy Team

DORCO MAKEOVER’s first visit goes to the Patent Strategy Team. Oftentimes what the team does is not highly visible, but it is indispensable to the success of DORCO.  

Q. What are the main roles of the Patent Strategy Team?

The Patent Strategy Team is responsible for 1) mitigating patent infringement risks and 2) enhancing DORCO’s patent portfolio.

First, we check if DORCO’s products, whether in the lab or the market, infringe others' patents and if so, come up with countermeasures. In any case, a patent infringement may have financial consequences, e.g., damage payments and even a withdrawal from the market. Thus, it is an especially important job.

We also take qualitative and quantitative approaches to patents to protect DORCO’s technologies from the competition. By doing so, we ensure DORCO will stay competitive and capture a larger share of the market with compelling products. It is not an exaggeration that how well a company’s patent portfolio is managed determines the success or failure of individual products.


Q. Why are patents important to razors?

Razors are small in size but are the culmination of breakthrough technologies. One example is a razor blade. The thickness of razor blades needs to be controlled down to 1 micrometer, about one-hundredth of the diameter of a human hair. As such, there are only a handful of firms that can produce razor blades, and DORCO is one of them.

DORCO is globally known for its curved blade technology and is the world’s first to introduce a seven-blade razor. The Patent Strategy Team works to protect DORCO’s diverse portfolio of innovative technologies. 


“It’s my first try at classic barbering. The skillful hand of a professional barber combined with DORCO’s double-edge blade makes the shaving experience really smooth.” 

Q. What is it like working at the Patent Strategy Team?

The overall atmosphere at the Patent Strategy Team is calm and composed. The job involves a lot of paperwork such as analyzing patent specifications filed by others or reviewing existing technologies. It should be done with focus and attention to detail. 

At the same time, cross-functional collaboration is crucial. Take a patent application as an example. Collaborating with the Development Team is essential to grasp the ins and outs of the invention and identify its technological significance from a patent perspective. DORCO teams know how to work together without creating communication silos.


Q. Any last words? 

Our work at the Patent Strategy Team is to ensure DORCO’s products reach the market safely and prevent others from using DORCO’s patented technologies. So, much of what we do is behind the scenes and out of the spotlight.

That said, when it comes to patents, being accurate and painstakingly thorough is part of the job description. It shows how important what we do here is. I am proud to be a member of the Patent Strategy Team and committed to doing my role to bring DORCO razors to customers all over the world.