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The year 2022 marks the 67th anniversary and the beginning of DORCO’s new ESG initiative. To celebrate the new start and recognize the dedication of DORCO employees, a new project, DORCO MAKEOVER, has gone live. For this episode, Junghwa Cha – Manager of Production Team – has joined the project and shared his stories at DORCO while the transformation took place. 


Junghwa Cha, Manager of Production Team

DORCO MAKEOVER’s second visit goes to the Production Team at the Yongin Factory. It is the Production Team that brings products from the drawing board to the real world. For this episode, we invited Cha Junghwa—Manager of Production Team – to share his stories at DORCO.  

Q. What does the Production Team do?

The Production Team works to achieve quality, delivery, and cost targets by managing 4Ms – Man, Machine, Material, and Method. Along with DORCO’s global expansion, overseas production has increased. The Production Team ensures that DORCO has the right manpower and skills to establish and manage production processes at global production sites as well.  

The Production Team consists of production management and planning. Once the sales team places an order, production management develops, executes and fine-tunes production plans to make an on-time delivery. Production planning, where I work, analyzes facility investments, monitors production operations, evaluates and upgrades production processes, and helps estimate development and production costs. Through a project or a task force, we continue to identify ways to reduce costs and increase productivity. 


Q. What is the most important value to the Production Team?

Of DORCO’s three pillars—challenge, collaboration and execution, the most important is being collaborative, as the Production Team cannot work alone, and everything needs to be aligned. As the name of the team suggests, execution is equally important.  


Q. What matters most in razor production? 

For a DORCO razor to be ready for the market, it undergoes at least 10 processes from blade production to assembly and packaging. As razors come into contact with skin, a failure in quality control may pose a risk of injury. Accordingly, process check and quality assurance are of prime importance, and the team constantly monitors and upgrades production processes to increase production yield and quality. 


“Getting a professional shave with the razor that the Production Team delivered gives me a whole new perspective.”

Q. Please give a brief introduction about DORCO’s overseas production and what it takes to maintain productivity and quality, no matter where products are made.  

DORCO has overseas production operations in Vietnam and Mexico. The production base in Vietnam manufactures system razors, disposable razors and eyebrow razors for global markets. As the sheer diversity of production indicates, the Vietnam base occupies an area equivalent to nearly 20 soccer fields. The production base in Mexico manufactures disposable razors for the Americas. When offshoring production, the Yongin Factory serves as a control tower and provides a collection of manuals and specifications to train and share knowhow with the local workforce. The Production Team also ensures high productivity by building a team of highly skilled local talents and preventing talent defection with competitive benefits. Last but not least, training and maintenance efforts are ongoing to maintain quality at the highest levels.   


Q. When do you feel most satisfied in your work? 

As production is a collaborative process, the team offers extensive networking opportunities in and out of the company. Being part of the Production Team helps keep a finger on the pulse of the overall company, from DORCO’s new technologies and products to its path forward. As mentioned earlier, DORCO’s growing footprints across the world mean more overseas production, and thus greater opportunities to work abroad. I must add that the Yongin Factory where I work is less than 10 years old and has pleasant working conditions.