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The year 2022 marks the 67th anniversary and the beginning of DORCO’s new ESG initiative. To celebrate the new start and recognize the dedication of DORCO employees, a new project, DORCO MAKEOVER, has gone live. For this episode, Seungmi Shin – Manager of Product Development Team – has joined the project and shared her stories at DORCO while the transformation took place. 

Seungmi Shin, Manager of Product Development Team 

Q. What does the Product Development Team do? 

The Product Development Team is responsible for the emotional design, which is the first step in product development. The team uses design tools to give 3D shapes to the ideas on the sketch board and comes up with a creative design by researching diverse designs. Compelling products help the Sales Team to be well-equipped in the market and bring in profits to the company. For the Product Development Team, the most rewarding moment is when buyers are convinced to put DORCO products on their shelves.


Q. Where do new ideas come from? 

Design research involves studies on a lot of products, be it DORCO’s or rivals’. In addition, as the latest products provide a good point of reference, visits to exhibitions are essential to exploring designs with rich details. Product development is a process of constant soul-searching to capture what DORCO values most such as innovation and collaboration. The team analyzes how design can meet consumer needs by researching at both macro and micro levels. The Product Development Team continues to study to deliver attractive designs that bring satisfaction and value to users.


"I also use this eyebrow razor at home!"

Q. What are the advantages of being an in-house designer?

Flagship products embody the characteristics and styles that a company desires to emphasize. Being part of DORCO, in-house designers are best positioned to understand and highlight the family look that DORCO has in mind and increase the brand’s value by amplifying the consistency and uniqueness of formative designs. While working in-house, designers have acquired a high level of understanding and expertise about razors and are capable of taking razor designs to a new dimension. Let’s say a buyer wants a specific style, and we can deliver it in 3D. If a buyer’s brand color is blue, we can design it into the product. 


Q. What sets DORCO products apart from the competition from design perspectives? 

Consumers are smart and rational. Consumers opt for good design and reasonable prices, rather than being blinded by brands. To meet such consumer needs, DORCO presents designs that are value-oriented and emotionally appealing. One example is DORCO’s razor products made of post-consumer plastics to reflect growing environmental awareness among consumers. The consumer-first principle guides DORCO to offer high-quality products at reasonable prices.