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The year 2022 marks the 67th anniversary and the beginning of DORCO’s new ESG initiative. To celebrate the new start and recognize the dedication of DORCO employees, a new project, DORCO MAKEOVER, has gone live. For this episode, Hyungseok Kim from Overseas Sales Team has joined the project and shared his stories at DORCO while the transformation took place.    

Hyungseok Kim, Sales Manager of Overseas Sales Team 3

DORCO MAKEOVER’s fourth visit goes to Overseas Sales Team 3. This episode highlights Overseas Sales Team 3 and its role in expanding DORCO’s presence in the global market. 

Q. What does Overseas Sales Team 3 do?

Overseas Sales Team 3 specializes in the Middle East and Africa (MEA). The team sells DORCO products to markets in the MEA region and works with buyers to monitor distribution and shelf penetration. It all comes down to increasing DORCO’s market shares to generate meaningful sales revenue. DORCO is well positioned to raise its profile in the MEA region, which are predominantly emerging markets. Against this backdrop, Overseas Sales Team not only sells products but also develops mid and long-term plans, including promotional programs, and expands DORCO’s footprints globally.

“Every DORCO product begs the same question: how to localize it to a new market.”

Q. Doesn’t the MEA region present challenges as well as opportunities? 

The MEA market is mostly made up of developing countries, which heavily regulate imports to protect their own industries. For example, imports are slapped with heavy tariffs. Accordingly, Overseas Sales Team is working hard to get around these barriers. Options such as semi-knocked down (SKD) exports and local packaging are considered.  


Q. Overseas Sales Team is divided into three territories. What appeals and challenges does Team 3 have compared to other teams?

While Team 1 is responsible for the Americas and Europe, and Team 2 targets Asia and CIS countries, Team 3 focuses on the MEA region. The Middle East has 17 countries, and Africa contains 55 countries. Some of these countries have the same religion, which may create the illusion of cultural similarity. That said, market conditions and economic dynamics vary widely, and politics and religion go hand in hand in some countries. A strategy which works in one country may not work in another country, even if they are in the Arab world. Accordingly, Team 3 is working hard to gain market insights by closely monitoring news in the MEA region. 


Q. What strengths does DORCO have in the MEA region?

Consumers in the markets targeted by Overseas Sales Team 3 tend to be highly sensitive to prices. To make sure they become our customers, DORCO offers superb technologies and quality at affordable prices. DORCO meets competition by offering the right stock keeping units (SKUs) in the right places. Through direct communication between Sales and Production Teams, DORCO is well equipped to deliver diverse packages to the market.  

As a result, DORCO has positioned itself as a key player in many markets in the MEA region by offering competitive prices and superior quality compared to rivals in Egypt and India. Indeed, buyers say that DORCO is almost synonymous with razors in many markets. These feedbacks motivate us to do even better.  

The pandemic has made it difficult to travel abroad. But, it is on my wish list to visit the market I am working for and see DORCO products making their way to consumers. Such a sense of pride and achievement would create a momentum to push forward.