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2022 DORCO Global Campaign Wrap Up > NEWSROOM



2022 DORCO Global Campaign Wrap Up

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DORCO has successfully completed its campaigns for 2022.  

DORCO is committed to ensuring that everyone can make a good start with a clean shave. Under the theme of “There’s Good in Everyday”, DORCO’s global campaigns were rolled out in four countries, i.e., Japan, Thailand, the UAE, and Vietnam. Here is a walkthrough of the global campaigns that DORCO has carried out.  

DORCO Seeding Kit 

DORCO handed out 350 seeding kits to 109 influencers in the countries participating in the campaign. The specially designed kit contained DORCO razor, razor blade cartridges and a docking station featuring DORCO logo. While razor models distributed were different by country, the seeding kit invariably provided an opportunity to experience the Common Docking System, one of the competitive factors that DORCO system razors have. The Common Docking System ensures the compatibility across DORCO’s system razors, ranging from three- to seven-blade models. This allows users to change the blade according to their needs, without having to replace the handle. Influencers were able to find the right shaving style for themselves by mixing and matching different cartridges, which are the result of DORCO’s innovative technologies.

Let’s see how the kits drove the user-generated content (UGC) campaign.  


DORCO UGC Campaign

DORCO’s UGC campaign began with three influencers, who made Instagram posts about their experience with the seeding kit. Influencers shared what made them happy, uploading photos of their face covered with shaving foam or their smiling clean-shaven face. They also encouraged followers to engage with the hashtags #DayswithDORCO and #GoodwithDORCO, making it a good start with DORCO. Among those who participated in the event, three followers, one per each influencer, were selected to win the prize, such as AirPods Pro and two DORCO kits.

The campaign proved successful, recording above-average participation rates in all four countries. Although there were slight differences from country to country, the keys to success was localizing social media content and selecting influencers, who themselves and their followers are well aligned with DORCO products. 

Indeed the high participation rate reflected an increased level of consumer awareness about this year’s UGC project compared to 2021. 


DORCO OOH Campaign

Next was the OOH campaign held in Thailand and the UAE. The OOH campaign took a creative approach to communicate DORCO’s campaign messages to raise the brand awareness.  

First of all, the OOH campaign took place in the form of a billboard banner ad in the UAE. The graphic featured Arabic texts to localize the ad content and make it more relevant to local residents. The banner was advertised in metro stations with high foot traffic such as exits, central halls and platform. 


Meanwhile, the OOH campaign in Thailand was launched in mixed-use shopping complexes Terminal 21 and Mega Bangna. The OOH campaign in Thailand stood out for its interactive kiosk game. Body moves to capture smiles on the screen were recognized by motion sensors and translated to points, which were the criteria for prize-giving. As such, the game was particularly popular among families, even capturing the attention of tourists visiting Thailand. Notably, some of the tourists from Korea, DORCO’s motherland, recognized the brand and participated in the event. Those who had won prizes visited the booth again the following day with their family, and those who took interest in the brand through the event asked where or how to buy DORCO products.  

While the UGC campaign took place in the online space, the OOH campaign delivered DORCO’s brand messages in a compelling way through multiple channels in the offline space.

DORCO Brand Film 

The brand film was a video campaign which presented the brand’s slogan, “There’s Good in Everyday” through a short story. The story goes as follows: A man wakes up in the morning with a tired look and has an unlucky streak of events, until shaving with a DORCO razor makes a fresh start for the day.  

After waking up to the alarm, a man drags himself out of bed to work out but knocks his water bottle over. He just goes to the kitchen for breakfast, but the toaster does not work, and he accidentally sweeps his coffee cup off the kitchen table, bumping his head into the cabinet door. Then he stands in the bathroom looking at himself in the mirror with a tired look on his face. When he finds a DORCO razor, it brings smile to his face, and he starts to shave. One may wonder what the rest of his day would look like. With a fresh and clean shave, he turns around the bad day. He feels refreshed and is ready for the day with a groovy dance. 

The brand film campaign carried a message “Find the Good with DORCO”, suggesting that shaving with a DORCO razor makes a good start to an otherwise long day.


Through global campaigns, DORCO has successfully raised its brand profile by communicating the key message that There’s Good in Everyday with DORCO and providing consumers with positive experiences on- and off-line through multiple channels and platforms such as interactive activities and videos. 

For next year, DORCO is looking forward to reaching out to more with a variety of activities. Stay tuned for where DORCO heads next.

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