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Bodycare Tips & Products for Women

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The cold winter is upon us. As people bundle up during the winter months, body grooming may be shoveled into the backburner. However, body grooming is as important during winter as it is in summer to protect skin barriers, keep the skin hydrated and stay hygienic. Today, we present especially for women the body grooming tips and our products for body grooming.

1. Cleaning

First of all, dip the razor in disinfectant for at least 10 minutes or clean the razor with alcohol. Be sure that the razor blade is sharp.

2. Trimming

If body hair is too long or thick, it can get caught between the razor’s blades. Thus, it is a good idea to trim the hair before shaving. Make sure to check the direction the hair is growing in.  

3. Bathing & Exfoliating

Wash the area to be shaved with soap and warm water beforehand to prevent bacterial infection. Prep with warm water to make the skin more pliable and straighten the hair. Gently scrub away the dead skin cells in the shaving area to prevent frictions between the razor and the skin.

4. Moisturizing

Hydrating the skin is essential to preventing skin irritation from shaving. Applying oil or body mist helps moisturize the skin with soothing effects, while at the same time softening the hair. It is also advised to wet the razor with water.

5. Shaving & Trimming

Hold the razor at a 30-degree angle against the skin for safety and make sure to shave in the direction where hair grows. That said, it is difficult to keep the 30-degree angle, while shaving because a razor blade makes direct contact with the skin, which is sensitive to external irritations, and each part of the body has different shapes.  

Against this backdrop, DORCO has developed the DORCO EVE series to satisfy women’s shaving needs. Specially among them is the DORCO EVE 5 Motion that combines cutting-edge 3D Motion technologies and a flexible head, allowing the razor to hug every contour of the body for a comfortable shave. The DORCO EVE series provide a safer shaving experience without having to adjust the wrist posture to the body contour. 

One of the DORCO EVE’s highlights is the lubricating strip enriched with vitamin E and aloe. The lubricating strip helps minimize the risks of skin irritation, making the razor glide more effortlessly. In addition, the ergonomically designed handle features a grooved micro-pattern for a solid grip.  


When done with body grooming, dive into facial grooming with an eyebrow razor. As the name suggests, an eyebrow razer is primarily used to trim eyebrows and also well-suited to remove dead skin cells and peach fuzz on the face. DORCO Tinkle and Shai lines are designed to satisfy the needs for grooming different areas of the face, from eyebrows to forehead, upper lip, cheeks and hairline.  


Tinkle Eyebrow Razer, the star of DORCO’s eyebrow razor lines, features a single blade equipped with a safety stainless steel cover to protect the skin and ensure safer shaving experiences. Meanwhile, the Shai line provides a comfortable grip with the premium non-slip handle, supporting more stable shaving experiences. Notably, DORCO Shai Safe features a foldable blade, making it easy to safely carry around.   


6. After Shaving
Skin needs to be soothed after shaving, as pores are open and vulnerable. It is advised to use products containing salicylic acid to prevent folliculitis and in-grown hair as well as soothing moisturizers to relieve skin itchiness.

Holing up at home is common, when temperatures are low. Still, body grooming should stay high on the to-do list for healthy skin and hygiene. DORCO offers an all-in-one solution for body grooming from top to toe. Moreover, as DORCO is committed to creating better grooming experiences for women, look out for what DORCO has to offer in the future.