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DORCO Women’s MAKEOVER Series Ep.1

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Happy International Women’s Day! DORCO has released a variety of razor products such as EVE and TWINKLE for creative and passionate women around the world. Moreover, DORCO fosters an organizational culture and provides benefits that empower female employees to develop and advance their careers. The DORCO Women’s MAKEOVER project presents those behind DORCO products for women. For this episode, Boyoun Lim from Visual Design Team shares her joy of working for DORCO. 

Boyoun Lim, Team Manager of the Visual Design Team

DORCO Women’s MAKEOVER’s first visit goes to the Visual Design Team. The Visual Design Team defines design elements that affect a consumer’s purchase decision and give a first impression to consumers.

Q: What does the Visual Design Team do, and what is your role?

The Visual Design Team is responsible for DORCO’s overall visual communication and coordinates and oversees all graphics in Korea and abroad, ranging from the creation and management of packaging designs for private label products to PR and image production for product displays. Creativity is essential for carrying out design-related tasks. On top of creativity, our designers bring expression to creatives from the standpoint of consumers. In addition, seamless collaboration and proactive communications across departments are key to delivering the result, which requires an adaptable and flexible mindset. I do a lot of soul-searching and research to do more than what is requested and deliver the best possible result.

Q: What is it like working at the Visual Design Team?

As each team member is assigned to specific regions or markets, the office is usually quiet, when we work individually. When we work as a team on a project, the office is bustling with energy and the exchange of ideas and opinions. It is especially true as the Visual Design Team has a greater diversity in age and gender than anywhere else in the company. Although designers are known for having strong individuality and a sense of uniqueness, these characteristics are kept hidden in day-to-day office life. Then the lesser-known sides are unveiled at company get-togethers, which I always find amusing and am looking forward to.


Q: What was the most rewarding moment in your career at DORCO?

The sight of our products lying on store shelves or landing in a consumer’s shopping cart make my heart leap for joy. Bringing a product to market is a project made possible by my coworkers who stay thirsty for growth and development. What makes my job special is my coworkers at DORCO, who share the long journey of transforming ideas into design proposals and delivering prototype designs that wow buyers and products that stay in the market.

Q: What characterizes DORCO’s design?

DORCO has a wide selection of stock keeping units (SKUs) in global markets. As DORCO has diverse designs according to brand and product lineup, it is our goal to communicate DORCO’s brand identity consistently to consumers in the form of design. In addition, the characteristic look and feel are designed to increase DORCO’s brand awareness. For an instance, DORCO products often feature a diagonal pattern on the front. The focus is also on a product’s performance, characteristics and unique selling propositions (USPs).


Q: A successful design is a balance between aesthetics and usability. What methods do you use to understand customer needs? 

Future design trend research helps us understand how consumers behave and come up with design plans and concepts. Based on research findings such as the demographic characteristics of consumers and trends, we define design elements that affect a consumer’s purchase decision. Packaging design also matters, as the product packaging makes the first impression to consumers. We look through design references to make a compelling package that would speak for the product and convince consumers to make the purchase. Above all, we are committed to delivering results by incorporating consumer needs into the design plan and concept.

Q: What does it take to be a razor designer as opposed to other product designers?

Being good at designing alone is not enough for razor designers. In the consumer goods market, designers derive the design plan and concept by conducting future design trend research to identify consumer purchasing patterns. Understanding how consumers feel and think and what consumers want is key to delivering designs that would be well accepted by the market. In addition, capabilities to visually present what the product is all about and to plan creative designs are needed. As DORCO does its business in 130 markets around the world, being equipped to navigate the global marketplace is a big plus.


“Our goal is to communicate DORCO’s brand identity consistently to consumers in the form of design” 

Q: Analytical skills must be as important as design capabilities. What is your day at work like?

A typical day at work starts at 8:00 by checking emails and doing paperwork. After checking the team’s weekly work schedule, I have meetings and share my feedback. After lunch, I usually have a coffee break and socialize with coworkers at a café near the company. In the afternoon, I have a briefing session with senior management about what the team is doing. When a design proposal needs to be discussed for a project, I brainstorm with coworkers about ways to develop and improve the design. DORCO makes it sure employees end their work day on time by automatically shutting down PCs. So, I wrap up the day at 5:00 pm and spend the rest of the day with friends or family or just for myself.