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DORCO Women’s MAKEOVER Series Ep.3

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Did you know that DORCO has released a variety of razor products such as EVE and TWINKLE for creative and passionate women around the world? Moreover, DORCO fosters an organizational culture and provides benefits that empower female employees to develop and advance their careers. The DORCO Women’s MAKEOVER project presents those behind DORCO products for women. For this episode, Jongmi Won from HR Team shares her joy of working for DORCO. 


Jongmi Won, Manager of the HR Team 

DORCO MAKEOVER’s third visit goes to the HR Team. The HR Team accompanies employees throughout their career journey at DORCO from onboarding to exit.

Q: What does the HR Team, and what is your role?

The HR Team’s tasks are divided into two: Human Resources Management (HRM) for HR planning/management, employment, evaluation, remuneration and organizational management and Human Resources Development (HRD) for organizational culture, training and capability building. I am responsible for two HRM tasks, i.e., remuneration and organizational management. I oversee the payroll activities such as arranging wage agreements, improving the payroll system, managing wage/severance payments, and making payroll settlements and reporting. I am working to design and improve the payroll system in a more fair and appropriate way to ensure that no one feels left out. I also do a lot of hard thinking to improve the system and provide employees with greater access to wage-related information. I also update and administer the system, when there are organizational changes.

Q: What is it like working at the HR Team?

My work environment is friendly and calm. This year, we have a new addition to the Team, and as the old saying goes—the more, the merrier. My teammates feel free to share their opinions, enabling open communication in a reasonable and good faith manner. The input of different opinions provides a fresh perspective and helps us learn from each other. I am really satisfied with the way we work here. I believe the HR Team’s role is to serve as a bridge between the company and employees, and the HR Team’s atmosphere, which prioritizes relationships and caring for each other, apparently has positive ripple effects.


Q: What was the most rewarding moment in your career at the HR Team?

Just as DORCO employees work to satisfy customers, the HR Team serves DORCO employees. So, it is rewarding when DORCO employees are happy with the systems and programs set out by the HR Team. On the personal front, since my job is number crunching, I feel thrilled when I get the numbers, no matter how big it is, right down to the last digit.

Q: Are there any challenges female employees experience in pursuing their career aspirations after childbirth or career break?

DORCO, as a law-abiding company, provides all possible support to help women pursue their careers. Employees are entitled to menstrual leave, maternity leave, pregnancy leave, family and medical leave and shorter work schedules for childcare or pregnancy. The intracompany HR system offers an easy way to take advantage of the leaves they are entitled to. DORCO also offers a staggered work schedule, which an increasing number of employees are benefiting from to balance work and childcare. I do not have a child yet, but I am planning to start a family at one point. However, just the thought of balancing work and family was overwhelming, and I was not alone with these concerns. Last year, I happened to sit down and discuss this issue with a senior executive and was told that there would be no need to lose sleep over how to balance work and childbirth or childcare. The executive’s words were reassuring that I don’t have to worry as long as I am with DORCO. I think it is the HR Team’s job to create and run a system that is reflective of the management’s view and empowers employees to focus on what they are doing.


Q: With DORCO being a global razor manufacturer, what sets its HR Team apart from those in other companies?

As DORCO has sales and production operations the world over, we at DORCO are working hard to design and manage an HR system which embraces both expat employees and local hires. In addition, although it is impossible to micromanage and control all HR activities in respective markets, we make it sure to discuss and communicate with local HR Teams, should HR issues arise. As the nature of HR issues such as wage and labor laws vary by market, it is essential to have a basic understanding of regulatory and taxation practices in countries where the company does business. On that note, I would say the HR Team at DORCO is different from others in that we have to think globally.

Q: As an HR expert, who do you think would be a good fit for DORCO?

Creativity, passion and global competence are the qualities that DORCO values. DORCO is looking for "logical pioneers" who step outside of their comfort zone to push the limits with objective and logical thinking, “passionate champions” who have a great sense of ownership to deliver on commitments, and “cooperative global leaders” who work across boundaries to go global. In addition, the HR Team provides a variety of training programs to support all members of DORCO to thrive with an entrepreneurial mindset.

“There would be no need to lose sleep over how to balance work and childbirth or childcare in DORCO”

Q: Any words for those who dream of working for DORCO?

As a company with a long history and impressive know-how in sales, production, research and administrative support, DORCO offers a great environment to learn the ropes in a systematic way. In addition, DORCO’s global business has been expanding every year, creating plenty of opportunities to develop global competence. The HR Team supports all employees to succeed in their respective lines of work. I hope many will be able to join DORCO’s journey to growth.


Q: What does your work look like?

My job has a routine dictated by the calendar. It is structured around the payday and the tax reporting day on a monthly basis and the signing of employment contracts and tax return filing on an annual basis. So, the beginning of the year is particularly hectic, as you can imagine, and we are now finalizing annual income tax reporting. I ensure that payroll administrators can do their job without any issues, and reporting can proceed as smoothly as possible through the internal system. I keep my eye on HR/labor issues by communicating with HR-related communities via emails. As HR/labor issues are rapidly evolving, it is important to monitor the latest developments. I also come up with responses to address issues that may need the company’s attention.