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The Origin of the Name, DORCO

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The Origin of the Name, DORCO

Your name is your story. It signifies what you stand for. It depicts you. It conveys your ethics, values, and goals.

In a way, it tells people about yourself and what value you can offer. More often than not, it is the first and last thing a person remembers about you.

The same can be said for a company name. A company name gives an identity to a business and helps differentiate it from others in the market.

A company’s name plays a monumental role in the future of the company. Simply putting, it can make or break a company. Hence it can’t be something random that just sounds ‘good’.

Choosing a name requires extensive research, trial, and error. Especially considering the fact that we now live in the digital age.

It’s a time where a name extends over geographical boundaries and carries reputation far and wide.

For a company, a name can also become synonymous with the business; a symbol that represents not just the company, but an entire industry category.

DORCO is a prime example of this. In Korea, DORCO is immediately associated with advanced razor blades and cutting edge shaving technology.

However, for people who live outside of Korea, the name DORCO may not immediately invoke the realization of a specific meaning. It’s a highly unique name.

But the meaning and value behind it cannot be understated.

Origin Of DORCO

That being said, let’s take a closer look at the DORCO name and dig into the meaning and value of it. In 1955, the company was established under the name Dongyang Light Metal Industries.

That is where the letters ‘D’ and ‘O’ in DORCO come from, the first two letters of ‘Dongyang Light Metal Industries’. As a company committed to developing state-of-the-art razor blade technology,

the letter ‘R’ was used to represent ‘razors’. Last but not least, the letters ‘C’ and ‘O’ were used to represent ‘company’.

Dongyang Light Metal Industries was founded in Korea in 1955, and was originally a zipper manufacturing company. Then the company changed its name to Hanil Industries and started producing

carbon safety razor blades. As the company’s capabilities and advancements in technology gradually increased, it established itself as a pioneering industry leader, and is credited for producing

Korea’s first razor blade, under the brand name ‘DORCO’. After this, everyone in Korea used DORCO razors.

After making unprecedented advancements in shaving technology, Hanil Industries looked towards the future, and set its sights on the global marketplace.

At that time, many Korean companies entering the global market changed their company names to match that of their brand. Hanil Industries understood the importance of

this and knew that aligning the company name to the brand would be the best strategy possible.

The choice was obvious. DORCO was the brand name for the first-ever carbon safety razors produced by Hanil Industries in Korea in 1961.

It was a name that symbolized shaving excellence in Korea. So on January 1st, 1990, Hanil Industries officially changed the company name to DORCO.

Origin Of DORCO

DORCO has now grown into one of the most recognizable razor companies in the world, with customers in over 130 countries.

With innovative technical capabilities and constant advancement in razor edge research and development, DORCO is synonymous with the phrase, ‘world’s first’, and rightfully so.

After all, it’s all in the name. The value; the meaning; and the heritage of the DORCO name are evident in everything DORCO does to be a leader in the shaving market.

The name DORCO is a part of history, but the journey is not over. The passion, tenacity, innovation, and excellence of the name DORCO will continue!