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DORCO's R&D History #02 > NEWSROOM



DORCO's R&D History #02

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DORCO_Product Development History

In the previous installment, the history behind how the predecessor of DORCO, ‘Dongyang Light Metal Industries’, decided to produce razors,

changed its name to ‘Hanil Industrial’, and developed the first stainless steel safety razor blade in Korea.

In this episode, we will take a look at how DORCO promoted the growth of the local razor industry with its own technology development process since 1975.

Gradually, the global razor market began to introduce new razor blades, in more convenient forms, in line with changing trends.

In order to overcome the inconvenience of changing razor blades by hand and the dangers of damaging skin with double-edge blades, twin-blade razors were

designed to maintain optimal distance and angle of two blades. So after producing Korea’s first razor blade and razor in 1961,

DORCO took measures to start development of Korea’s first twin-blade razors in accordance with the ever-changing global market trends.

first ever twin-blade razor in Korea

In 1980, when there was a pressing need to develop twin-blade razors in the Korean market, Hanil Industrial’s engineers returned home

from training at Wilkinson Sword in the UK; the two companies were in technical cooperation with the aim of developing twin-blade razors.

Upon their return to Korea, the Hanil Industrial engineers applied what they had learned and began developing twin-blade razors in earnest from

mid-October 1980 to early 1981. Production of the twin-blade razor increased the manufacturing precision and capabilities of Hanil Industrial,

as the blades required precise angling and spacing compared to double-edge blades. Then in December 1981, Korea’s first-ever twin-blade razor was born.

To ensure the razors were up to global standards, Hanil Industrial imported 200,000 Wilkinson twin-blade razors to be used for development samples and

reference before launching, and after thorough inspection and quality checks, Korea’s first-ever twin-blade razors hit the market, propelling Hanil Industrial

to be recognized as Korea’s No. 1 razor producer.

But like all great pioneers and innovators, the evolution of the company did not stop there. On January 1, 1990, Hanil Industrial officially changed

its name again to the iconic, DORCO, we all know today. The company had entered the global spotlight, and further strengthened its efforts in the research and development

of advanced razor technology. Specifically, in 1994, DORCO implemented the use of a state-of-the-art equipment, such as a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM),

and focused on razor blade research to develop the high-quality razor blades DORCO has become synonymous with.

DORCO in global market

Through the use of advanced equipment and a dedication to research and development, DORCO was highly successful in product development…

but despite these historic feats, DORCO refused to remain complacent. To further enhance razor technology, DORCO established and implemented Top Grade(TG)

polishing theories over the next few years, which did not come easily as numerous barriers had to be overcome through repeated trial and error.

Eventually DORCO’s determination paid off, and after three years of industry-academic cooperation from June 1996, the TG blade produced by the newly developed

polishing equipment was complemented with advanced coating technology to create a superior blade in November 1998. Through successful experimental production,

the TG blade made its debut to the world under the model identification ‘TG 708’, a moment when DORCO’s quality and excellence was once again on display.

As the quality of the blades increased, so did DORCO’s productivity, which in turn drove the development and production of various products in the TG Series.

The never-ending dedication to make changes for the better and improve the standard of living has laid the foundation of DORCO’s journey

in becoming a leading global company. But settling for the status quo has never been DORCO’s style. DORCO continues to embark on the research and development of

new technology with the goal of developing high-quality razors that can not only compete with the products of other companies, but go beyond them.

This leads us to the next episode, where the story behind how DORCO is responsible for one of the most innovative breakthroughs in the entire shaving industry—the curved blades.