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All companies strive to make their mark when they establish their core values, vision, and mission. Depending on the values set forth by the company,

the corporate culture is also determined. DORCO is a prime example of this. DORCO has always stressed the importance of communication and harmony among

executives and employees to achieve its vision as a global brand, and continued to operate various events and activities based on the core values of ‘Teamwork’,

‘Technology’, and ‘Speed’ and the mission to ‘Being a company that makes customers happy’.

Today is DORCO’s 65th anniversary, and to commemorate this milestone, a few of DORCO’s events and activities have been introduced below.

So take a look at some of the activities that make DORCO such a great company!

Founding Anniversary Event

#1 Founding Anniversary Event
DORCO celebrates its founding anniversary  by hosting meaningful in-house celebrations and encouraging the  hard work of all the employees.

Among all the founding anniversary events conducted, the 60th anniversary event holds a special place in the memories of all DROCO employees.

What made the 60th anniversary event especially memorable was it was participated by all employees of DORCO’s headquarters and factory site personnel,

along with overseas buyers and special staff from Vietnam. Starting with the DORCO CEO’s commemorative remarks, lectures based on the theme of ‘challenge’,

and talent competitions were held. Also the ‘One Heart Myeongnyang Sports Festival’ was held, where the unity, collaboration, and

harmony of DORCO employees was shown through ‘Team DORCO’.

DORCO Volunteer Group

#2 Do Dream Volunteer Group
As part of the various social contribution activities , the ‘Do Dream Volunteer Group’ was established for regular community service activities

to make the world a better place. This highly dedicated group of volunteers takes the lead in social contribution through the regular conduction of activities

such as donation and delivery of briquettes to the needy through the ‘Coal Briquette Sharing Campaign’; delivery of homemade meals to disabled households

through the ‘Lunch Box Delivery Campaign’, and numerous other donation and volunteer activities.

DORCO Club Activities

#3 Club Activities
There are currently 13 separate club activities in active operation within DORCO, which all share the same goal of promoting active communication

and harmony between all DORCO employees; whether they be from the headquarters, research institutes, or factories. Employees, regardless of their company rank,

comfortably socialize together through various sports clubs. Typical examples of club activities include the ‘Bike Riding Club’ and the ‘Table Tennis Club’.

Through the conduction of these various events and activities, and many more, DORCO has effectively promoted flexible and transparent communication,

both internally and externally, to achieve the corporate mission and realize the company’s core values.

As we celebrate the 65th anniversary of the establishment of DORCO, the unique corporate culture of DORCO, along with the great people working with DORCO on a global level,

makes DORCO different from other companies. DORCO is not only committed to all its valued customers worldwide, but also the employees who make DORCO what it is, and

the society as a whole.

This is what makes DORCO special; this is the DORCO difference—‘Being a company that makes customers happy’ through ‘Teamwork’, ‘Technology’, and ‘Speed’.