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DORCO's R&D History #03 > NEWSROOM



DORCO's R&D History #03

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DORCO curved blade technology

As illustrated in the previous entry, DORCO has achieved significant growth through the development of twin-blade razor technology. 

What next? It is time to learn about DORCO’s innovative ‘curved blade’ technology and how it secured DORCO’s position as a market pioneer, always striving for excellence.

‘WIN3’, which was DORCO’s 3-blade system razor, played an immense role in DORCO’s evolution into a worldwide exporter of advanced razors.

However, the product did have one drawback—it was difficult to clean as foreign substances frequently got stuck between the blades. To rectify this and help further advance

shaving technology, DORCO intensified the research and development of newer products with better technology that could not only compete with, but outperform the other products

on the global market. Then as always, DORCO’s ingenuity prevailed. As a razor blade was undergoing heat treatment, a peculiar phenomenon was discovered.

DORCO researches found that a blade could be bent to a 60 degree angle, without breaking, and maintain durability. This was the breakthrough DORCO had worked so hard to achieve.

But mass producing seemed difficult, as there was no way to ensure the curves on each blade were uniform. Once again, DORCO was able to solve this problem by

developing a new assembly machine that would ensure a uniform curve on each blade.

DORCO blades are bent

Meanwhile, after the development of the ‘TG Blade’ in 2006, DORCO established a policy of minimizing the thickness of all razor blades as production technology developed rapidly.

Research focused on maintaining blade durability for the thinnest possible blades, and was able to quickly develop a solution by making a zigzag shaped column in the center of

the cartridge to hold the blades in place. However, intermittent corrosion occurred on the razor blade during the bending process and started to rust, and the corroded blade caused

irritation and skin trouble, resulting in poor marketability. If this issue was not resolved, product production would be meaningless. After some time and sincere effort, the researchers

obtained the necessary materials that would prevent the blades from corroding, and supplemented the shortcomings of the curved blade through a new process,

which would soon open a new chapter in razor blade technology.


After ensuring durability, prevention of corrosion, and mass production capability for the curved blades, DORCO conducted tests by substituting various razors,

from 3-blade to 6-blade, to produce razors resulted in less shaving nicks and could maintain optimal long-lasting shaving conditions. After this intense testing, results showed that

6-blade razors provided the smoothest and safest shaving experience. As a result, the world’s first 6-blade shaving system, ‘PACE 6’ with curved blade technology was launched.

‘PACE 6’ innovated the market when it was launched as it combed DORCO’s exclusive ‘Front-Hinged Swing System’ and ‘Common Docking System’, which allows for close and

precise shaving for various skin contours, and was instrumental in accelerating exports to global markets such as the United States and Europe.

DORCO, which consistently pioneers shaving technology through the creation of ‘firsts’ based on relentless R&D and a passion to innovate, is always on the forefront of

cutting edge shaving technology with the aim to produce a shaving system which is as close to perfection as possible. Stay tuned in for more.