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Slant Stubble Razor by DORCO

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Slant Stubble Razor by DORCO

In the past, a person without facial hair defined what it meant to be clean-cut and dandy in style. But times and styles change, and now there is a preference for

maintaining well-groomed facial hair as a part of one’s style. As male grooming trends change, DORCO wanted to develop more innovative products to better reflect and

support those changes, and after extensive research and development, DORCO proudly introduces the optimized ‘Slant Stubble Razor’. In order to more effectively inform

consumers of the economic value and enhanced quality of the product, DORCO is launching a crowdfunding campaign on INDIEGOGO, a leading North American

crowdfunding platform, until November of this year. ​

Crowdfunding available at INDIEGOGO

A ‘Stubble Razor’ has been developed much differently from the ‘electric clipper’ products of other brands currently in the market.

After analyzing the feedback of consumers using electric clippers, DORCO has identified numerous factors which cause users inconvenience,

such as high prices, loud noise, etc. To rectify these inconveniences, DORCO’s R&D department set forth the goal of developing a product that reflects

the mechanism of wet shaving rather than electric shaving with the criteria that it require little preparation to use, is convenient for use anytime and

anywhere without making a lot of noise, and is reasonably priced.

Characteristics of DORCO Slant Stubble Razor

When stubble shaving with a normal wet razor, there is no function that can serve as a guard for body hair, so tearing or jamming occurs when shaving.

Of course, traditional clippers do not tear or jam, but it is difficult to achieve a precise shave due to the thickness of the trimmer guard.

To overcome this handicap common among wet razors, DORCO conducted a cutting force test with the blade slanted at an angle.

This ‘Stubble Razor’ is a marvel of technology and shaving advancement as it allows for convenient shaving with water, without requiring shaving cream,

and is designed with a grip optimal for an upper stroke (a method of shaving in the opposite direction of the direction of hair growth).

DORCO has named this new innovation the ‘Slant Stubble Razor’, which includes 1mm~3mm cartridges for effective trimming of

facial hair in a variety of lengths, depending on the user’s preferred style.

DORCO Slant Stubble Razor

Created under DORCO’s creative spirit of innovation, the ‘Slant Stubble Razor’ is currently only available for funding through the INDIEGOGO crowdfunding platform,

with product delivery scheduled to begin on November 15. For anyone who wants to show off their style and epitomize the dandy-look, join the INDIEGOGO crowdfunding now.

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