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DORCO Global News - Thailand

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DORCO is carrying out various global marketing and CSR activities to introduce high-quality razor-edge technology around the world

and further promote community co-prosperity. As the first episode of DORCO global news, we would like to present the stories from Thailand.


(1) MOU with Vocational Schools
DORCO signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with vocational schools in Thailand to foster the growth and development of

professional barbers and salon hairdressers. For students who wish to become barbers and salon hairdressers in Thailand, DORCO has provided barber gowns, shavers,

and access to professional hair dressers to create an effective educational training environment for the skills necessary for these students to become qualified barbers and salon hairdressers.

Their growth and development, with the support of DORCO, is expected to greatly advance Thailand’s beauty industry.


(2) Free Haircut Charity Event in Thailand
DORCO also conducted a charity event providing free haircuts to the elderly, children, and soldiers in Thailand living under difficult circumstances.

The hair  professionals arranged by DORCO provided haircut services with DORCO razors and  showcased a variety of different hairstyles to satisfy everyone in participation.


(3) Hair Tattoo Workshop
Marking the 65th anniversary of the establishment of DORCO, Thailand’s ‘Hair Tattoo Workshop’, which is underway this year and is an event to select

influential barbers as ambassadors to hold  forums on the shaving and hair dressing industries, showcased various hair tattoo designs using DORCO razors.

The hair tattoo designs, which require immense concentration and have a high level of difficulty, relayed the professionalism and expertise of the

participating ambassadors; making it an unforgettable activity for everyone. This dedication to excellence can also be seen in DORCO’s craftsmanship

and passion for innovation throughout the past 65 years.

In order to repay the interest and love received from customers worldwide, DORCO is committed to continuing various activities to promote the technology capabilities

and tradition of DORCO, not only in Thailand, but around the world.