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Every brand places its logo or brand name on each product it produces. This expresses confidence in product quality and the superiority of the brand.

DORCO also imprints its logo on all shaving products. Initially, printing logos on a relatively thin, sharp razor blade was not an easy task.

However there is an individual who pioneered DORCO’s exclusive logo printing equipment through patience, persistence, and repeated trial and error.

That person is Soohwan Kim, a member of the DORCO Machinery Development Team. The following interview offers insight into DORCO’s core values of

an enterprising spirit and unwavering determination. 

Q. Is it that difficult to print a logo on a razor blade?
“The printing machine has been upgraded and improved a lot now, but it was one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish when I first started working at DORCO.

I majored in mechanical engineering and always enjoyed working with mechanical equipment, but when I heard that this was going to be one of my duties, I was a bit worried.

In the beginning, we were printing the DORCO logo on ST 300 double-edge blades, which was our main product at the time.

Most of the logo printing was completed with German-made printing machine heads and equipment developed by DORCO, but the biggest problem was the uneven print quality.

It was such a challenge that most of the people who were previously in charge of this task gave up and left the company.”


Q. Why was the print quality uneven?
“Initially logo printing was carried out by using a print roller to mark the logo and a sharp industrial knife, called ‘Doctor Blade’, to print and remove excess ink.

The alignment between the print roller and the Doctor Blade was the key to print quality. However, it was extremely difficult to ensure that this alignment was precise,

so we had trouble maintaining uniform print quality.”

Q. What did you do to improve print quality?
“I took this challenge head on. I knew it was a difficult task, but I was determined to overcome all obstacles, as it was my responsibility to get done.

Through a lot of trial and error, I thought to myself, ‘How can the excess ink be wiped clean, while also maintaining the alignment between the print roller and Doctor Blade?’

I recall that during that time, my clothes would be covered with that special print ink, which does not wash out easily. Despite my repeated attempts, I could not get

the alignment right. But I remained persistent—dedication and hard work always pays off. Then one day, through a fateful opportunity, I was able to find a clue to the solution I was looking for.”


Q. What was the key to the solution?
“There were a lot of razor blade samples available to me at the Yong-In factory, which was equipped with state-of-the-art razor blade manufacturing facilities.

While looking at the samples, the idea popped up in my head to use DORCO barber blades instead of the German-made Doctor Blade.

The DORCO barber blades were extremely sharp, thinner and more flexible than the Doctor Blade. Most importantly, the DORCO barber blades were the perfect size.

I immediately tested my theory out, and just as I thought, it was a successful solution.

Q. After that, were all the printing equipment technology issues solved?
“No, they weren’t. Print quality did improve, but another problem arose. Unfortunately, the DORCO barber blades were not as durable as the German Doctor Blade.

It was another problem that I needed to quickly resolve. After contemplating the problem, I asked myself, ‘Is the problem from the special ink being mixed with the iron powder?’

So I immediately filtered out the iron powder, and there was noticeably less damage caused to the blade. It was an ingenious way to solve the durability issues.

Above all, using our own razor blades allowed us to save the cost and supply concerns. We have finally come to an end of the war with printing machines

by upgrading to a new type of high-rigidity low-speed cylinder.”


Soohwan Kim is now the Team Leader of the Machinery Development Team and continues to take challenges head on. He has helped in the successful internal

development of print heads, which were originally all imported, and localized corrosion rollers and rubber rollers. All this is a result of Team Leader Soohwan Kim’s

dedication, patience, and perseverance. The DORCO logo on a razor blade symbolizes DORCO’s commitment to excellence and never-wavering ‘challenging spirit’.

But is doesn’t end here. The challenge continues with DORCO at the forefront in the production of high-quality products.