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Many factors influence consumers when they want to buy a product. Performance and price are always considered important, but more often than not, it is the design of the product

that is first noticed and triggers a consumer’s desire to purchase it. As an attractive design often determines the success or failure of the product in the market, DORCO placed importance on

having talented designers who understood the value of excellent design. A prime example is Min Lee, a member of DORCO’s Visual Design Team.

Working as a resident employee in the United States, she had to take into consideration various factors such as technology and marketing when designing a ‘good selling’ product.

The following is the story of how Min Lee enhanced her potential as a designer through DORCO’s commitment to talent integration and design values.

Q. For you, what makes a good design?
“A mere 15 years ago, I thought that a good design was simply something pretty and nice looking. However, after joining and working at DORCO, my values and confidence were

completely changed. At that time, DORCO required a designer who could work as a resident employee in the United States.

Naturally, I thought that I was best suited for the position as I have good English conversation skills, with high design evaluation scores.

I was extremely confident when I started, but after a while I soon realized that my work was much more than simple design for a large retail channel.”

Q. If it went beyond simple design, what other capabilities did you need?
“For the ‘good design’ I mentioned earlier...I thought that simply providing a design that customers need was sufficient enough not just a design that is aesthetically pleasing.

So after changing my perspective, I realized that there were so many things I needed to learn as a product designer. First, I needed insight into printing technology, quality control skills,

an understanding of unit cost, and the ability to communicate well with other departments. Fortunately, I got a lot of support from people who were working at DORCO,

and was able to grow as a designer and as a person.” 


Q. What was the reason for you working in the U.S. one year after entering the company?
“After I joined DORCO, I spent the first year strengthening my sense of responsibility and pride in my work. At that time, I got the opportunity to give a presentation

on the eco-friendly package that I had been working on. The successful completion of that presentation gave me the chance to be the first DORCO designer to be selected

for a job in the United States, and I happily accepted. However, as the entire work environment and style of work were different, working in the United States was not easy at first.

We had to interact with the product buyers in person, and create results. This was immediately followed by idea meetings with retail buyers, which all dramatically expanded my scope of work.”


Q. As a designer, wasn’t it difficult to interact with buyers directly?
“Yes, it was difficult, but it was also rewarding and fun to see the good results. There was one time when I developed a product that had a scented handle with a ring at the end.

This allowed me to go beyond being just a designer, and demonstrated my ability to be a marketer. As there were large retail channels representing the United States and Australia

that sold high-quality, trendy products at attractive prices to locals, I suggested that if we entered there, it would be of great help not only to increase sales but also to promote the brand.”

Q. Was your proposal successful?
“I participated in every facet of the project and worked hard to prepare for the presentation. Fortunately, the large retail BM was satisfied with our concept and designs,

and even requested additional technical tests. However, during this process the retail buyer was replaced, and the retailer decided not to continue with the project.

It was an unfortunate result, but I learned a great deal from that experience. We now live in a world where designers can’t just limit themselves to making designs.

Working at DORCO has helped realize this and has allowed me to grow to become a more-talented product designer. I now fully understand the importance of integrated design, and

have the confidence in my ability to overcome and adapt under any circumstances. No matter what the results may be, I look forward to creating better designs in the future.”


Min Lee of the Visual Design Team, has grown beyond just creating good designs to satisfy consumer needs. She wants the designers who follow in her footsteps

to understand this and strive to become more than just a designer. DORCO is committed to providing support for all DORCO employees to grow and

go beyond their potential, because DORCO believes that all customers around the world deserve high-quality and attractive products.