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A razor is an essential item for men who need to manage their facial hair on a daily basis. 

Due to this fact, DORCO has been focused and committed to manufacturing better men’s shavers. 

However, DORCO soon realized that shaving was also necessary for women who wished to remove unwanted hair and began to pay.

Close attention to the shaving patterns of women in North America and Europe. 

With such study, DORCO was certain that the demand for women's razors would increase worldwide and came to introduce

“DORCO EVE” body shaver for women.


In the 1980s, razors were considered exclusively for men in Asia. 

However in North America and Europe, razors were essential for women’s beauty as well as for men, and were commonplace for women who enjoyed sunbathing or swimming. 

Judging that this trend of women’s shaving would soon influence Asia, DORCO began producing and selling women’s razors, ‘Tinkle’ and ‘Natty’, for eyebrows and fine facial hair in 1984.


As the global culture came to be more westernized, it became more natural for women to expose their body, resulting in more body hair to be managed than men. Following such trend, key players in the market began to launch razors for women, which quickly became popular.

DORCO, which was gradually expanding its export market based on WIN3 and XPEC3, also successfully introduced “DORCO EVE” women’s body shaver in 2005.

‘DORCO EVE’ razors not only adopted the same TG-based 3-blade structure as the men’s razor blade, enabling the front axle head to pivot,

providing a clean shave with less force, but also were equipped with, the DORCO Common Docking System. 

The razors were also highly popular for being incredibly cost-effective among the many other women’s body razors by incorporating double injection mold technology.  

In particular, Stiftung Warentest, a German consumer organization responsible for investigating, testing, and comparing consumer goods and services,

rated DORCO EVE superior to competitor products. 

Thanks to this, DORCO EVE received a lot of attention and interest from local female consumers; 

leading to continued quality enhancement while exporting to markets where female razor consumption was high.



DORCO’s female body shaver series, which were developed for shaving of different areas opened a door to premium product market in 2010 with a ‘3+3 Moving Cartridge’ feature that divides the cartridge into two parts for more precision shaving on all skin contours, and has become a shaving brand that is widely supported by women in 42 countries around the world.

As DORCO continues to compete in the global market with excellent quality and reasonable prices through the launch of a variety of products and brands, the dedication for better technology and innovation remains constant to enable women around the world shave their bodies conveniently and safely.