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23 years of R&D efforts behind the perfect shave > NEWSROOM



23 years of R&D efforts behind the perfect shave

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DORCO research and development center

23 years ago, in January 1998, DORCO’s R&D Center was founded.

Since its inception, our R&D centers served as our innovation engine. The centers helped build a total of six core competencies: 1) cutting edge technology, 2) consumer insight and shaving tests, 3) technology development, 4) machine development, 5) product design, and 6) product development. Our success in being recognized as experts in razor manufacturing is due to the continuous investment in research and development.  

core competence of DORCO RD

DORCO’s Innovation Engine: Our two main R&D Centers

DORCO’s two main R&D centers in South Korea are located in Yongin City and Seocho district. The center in Yongin City, equipped with its own manufacturing facility, focuses on technology and machine development. The center in the Seocho district, on the other hand, focuses on new products and packaging.

Having a system to develop our own manufacturing equipment in-house is one of the great strengths of our R&D capacity. It enables us to build facilities with improved productivity and stability. The key to our success in creating high-quality blades at a low price is largely thanks to our infrastructure, giving us the ability to create completely new types of machines.

Another strength of our R&D center is our in-house design and packaging team. They enable us to develop bespoke products and packages that meet the needs of our retail partners. As global consumer trends rapidly evolve, we are constantly reimagining the form, color, and design of products optimized for consumers’ needs across the globe.


Creating value for consumers is a true north at DORCO

A clear focus on creating value for consumers serves a true north for DORCO. We seek to be recognized as a brand that caters to every shaving style through a robust and diverse product portfolio. To respond and meet different consumer needs, DORCO executes consumer research in a variety of ways. We conduct research and analysis on the types of razors consumers wish to purchase, as well as gather feedback and analyze consumer experience with DORCO’s products. An accurate insight into key buying factors allows us not only to devise ways to improve USP but also to understand the purchasing intentions of target consumers who have yet to experience DORCO’s products.


Differentiated product development

Some of the key achievements of DORCO’s R&D center include the curved blade, the world’s first 6-blade and 7-blade razors, and a 3D motion handle. Based on in-depth consumer analyses, the technology and product development teams embrace the creative challenges with the goal of introducing innovative transformations and new technologies. Through collaboration with the machine development team, new types of equipment that are completely different from existing methods are adopted. With our systematic organizational structure and technology pipeline unique to DORCO, we pursue to identify and develop core technologies for the best blades with superior performance and usability. 


The basics of shaving as a guiding principle for scientific inquiry

Due to the nature of the razor products, DORCO actively conducts research on skin and body hair as all razors directly contact the human skin. In addition, we explore the basic function of shaving through comprehensive user shaving tests instead of animal experiments. We apply our learnings into improving the usability and ergonomics of our products. With a deeper understanding of consumer shaving behavior, we are working to roll out accessories and grooming products in addition to razors. From pre-shaving to post-shaving, we are committed to providing consumers with the perfect shaving experience through our scientific inquiry in the basics of shaving.


Sustainable shaving

DORCO aims for sustainable development. In addition to reducing the overall use of plastic in our products, we are striving to significantly cut down PET usage and develop eco-friendly materials for packaging. As part of DORCO’s initiative towards sustainable shaving, we have changed our packaging container from “clamshell blister” to “one-side blister,” and developing new packaging structures using paper materials. Beyond packaging, as a global corporate citizen, we aim to adopt sustainable business practices in our operations to improve the world’s eco-system.


DORCO Green package

Our team of over 200 in-house experts and engineers are constantly at work to improve the quality, performance, and safety of DORCO’s razors. We are committed to putting our best efforts into providing our customers and partners a perfect new start every day.