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Do More Blades Equal a Better Razor?

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Do More Blades Equal a Better Razor

According to Open Survey’s 2020 Men's Grooming Trend Report*, 99.1% of men answered that they groom or shave their facial hair. The survey also found that when choosing a razor, price, smoothness, and durability are considered among other things. One may have not given much thought to the number of blades on a razor. However, do more blades make a better shave? In this post, we will answer questions that our readers might have and explain why more blades on a razor mean a better shave.

* Open Survey surveyed a total of 750 people in ages between 20 to 49 years old and examined their grooming-related perceptions and product usage behaviors.

Let us answer the questions that many people are curious about

Q1. Do more blades mean a bigger cartridge?

A. No. The space between blades is narrower, but the size of the cartridge stays the same.

Q2. Aren’t blades pretty much the same, regardless of brands?

A. Not all blades are the same, and there are differences from brand to brand. Notably, DORCO has a curved blade technology, which allows more blades to be placed in the cartridge.

Q3. What is DORCO’s curved blade technology?

A. Unlike other welded blades, DORCO’s blades are in curved forms, allowing them to be positioned very close to each other. Also, they provide an open-flow effect, allowing water and facial hair to rinse away more easily and deliver a smooth shave.

Do more blades equal a better razor?  

Do More Blades Equal a Better Razor

1. Multi-blades deliver a smoother shave.

DORCO’s curved blade technology allows the blades to be positioned even closer together. 

Smoother and Safer Shave



In fact, the distance between the blades was measured at less than 0.95mm for the PACE Pro’s five- and six-blade products. For welded blades of other brands* using the technology of placing blades on a support, however, the span ranged from 1.05mm to 1.4mm. Micro Span technology reduces the amount of bulging skin between blades, making skin cuts or abrasions less likely for a safe and smooth shave.  

* Brand G’s 5-blade razor, brand S’ 5-blade razor 

Less Skin Irritation


2. It enables a skin-friendly shave.  

The degree of skin irritation is a key consideration when choosing a razor. One of many factors that causes skin irritation is the number of strokes during a shave. Multiple blades can cut more hair in one stroke, reducing the risks of skin irritation. It can definitely be a time saver.  

Fewer strokes mean a longer lifespan of the cartridge. The more blades a razor has, the fewer cuts each blade has to make. In fact, DORCO Research Center assessed the damage of the seven-blade razor after shaving and found that the extent of the damage was relatively low for the sixth and seventh blades. Likewise, the cartridge’s life increases with the number of blades. But of course, the cartridge should be replaced regularly, for the sake of hygiene. 

Deeper and Closer Shave

3. It delivers a closer, cleaner shave. 

As blades cut the hair, they also gently lift the hair from the skin at the same time. When blades are close to one another, each subsequent blade quickly follows the preceding blade and cuts the hair, while it is still lifted. In sum, the tighter the blades run, the deeper they can cut.

In fact, DORCO conducted a test to measure the depth of a shave and found that a seven-blade razor cut facial hair 10% deeper than a six-blade counterpart.

The precisely engineered multi-blade razors deliver a closer and softer shave experience. Enjoy a smoother and cleaner shave with DORCO’s 6-blade razors and 7-blade razors!

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