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DORCO’s Expertise: Double-Sided Blades

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Double-Sided Blades

We can proudly say double edge blades are one of DORCO’s signature technologies. No wonder they are well used and loved by barbers worldwide. You may be asking, ‘What makes DORCO’s double edge blades a favorite among some of the most selective users?’ Today, we are going to dive into DORCO’s double edge blade technology and its eco-friendliness.

DORCO Blade Manufacturing

7 Steps of DORCO Blade Manufacturing 

DORCO’s razor blade undergoes a seven-step process from raw material to the finished product. The process consists of perforating, hardening, sharpening, degreasing (washing), metal coating, polymer coating, and the final step – packaging. 

Strength Change by Deep-Freezing

Pay closer attention to the second step in the process in hardening, as it features DORCO’s proprietary deep-freezing technology. One of the most widely used heat treatment methods is the quenching method, which includes a high-temperature heating step followed by room-temperature cooling. The other method is tempering, consisting of a low-temperature heating step with room-temperature cooling ensuing afterward. Unlike these two methods, DORCO’s deep-freezing adds one more step between the quenching and tempering processes, which is a process of cooling to an extremely low temperature. Deep-freezing helps improve the blade’s strength, hardness, toughness, and shock resistance, which result in stronger durability and cutting force.

Carbon Steel vs Stainless Steel

DORCO’s Blade Specialty: Martensite Stainless Steel

Raw materials used for double edge blades are typically divided into carbon steel and stainless steel. As the table above shows, there are pros and cons for each material. Carbon steel has a high degree of hardness and wear resistance but low corrosion resistance and requires high maintenance. In contrast, ordinary stainless steel has a relatively low degree of hardness and wear resistance but has high corrosion resistance and low maintenance, making it easy to handle.

Martensite stainless steel


Meanwhile, DORCO’s double edge blades use martensite stainless steel. Leveraging proprietary technology, martensite stainless steel is as corrosion resistant as ordinary stainless steel and similar level of hardness as carbon steel. Without the downside of stainless steel and with improved durability, martensite stainless steel is well positioned for long-term storage and maintenance. Simply put, martensite stainless steel combines the advantages of the two materials.  

DORCO’s double edge blades are the culmination of DORCO’s technologies by combining its core technologies in deep-freezing method and martensite stainless steel. DORCO continues its journey to deliver the best razors by conducting R&D on all factors such as durability and cutting force that must be considered to create the best shaving experience for customers.   

Moreover, DORCO’s double edge blades are eco-friendly. They are 100 percent metal, making it ideal for recycling. While disposable and multi-blade razors create plastic waste, double edge blades are plastic-free. By choosing classic shaving over regular shaving, you can protect the environment, which is an important factor to consider.  

We hope we shed some light on the upsides of double edge blades through this article. We will soon invite a professional barber, who probably spends more time with double edge blades than anyone else, to learn more about classic shaving. He will also share his advice on how to choose the right razor blade depending on the beard type. So, stay tuned for our upcoming content!  

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