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DORCO’s Expertise: Curved Blades

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DORCOs Expertise: Curved Blades

Blade edges are the culmination of razor technologies. That is why curved blades are considered one of DORCO’s key strengths. The development of curved blades started after consumers expressed the inconvenience in removing residue after shaving. Today, curved blades not just facilitate the removal of shaving debris but also stand for what DORCO is all about. Let’s learn more about DORCO’s curved blade technology—its inception and characteristics.  

DORCO_0.075 Curved Blade

Curved Blade’s Inception

Before DORCO introduced the curved blade technology, razor developers engaged in an arms race, upping the ante in increasing the number of blades. This was because having multiple blades on a razor enables a closer and cleaner shave with less irritation in one stroke.

However, more blades meant a more crowded cartridge, and the blades had to be placed even closer together. This made it more difficult to clean. On the other hand, if the distance between blades was too large, skin cuts and abrasions were more likely to occur. The mission was to maintain the perfect span between blades even if the number of blades increased. DORCO’s R&D team found the answer by giving an angulated shape to the blades themselves rather than welding them on blade support. So came the birth of the curved blade technology, alleviating all concerns regarding the increased number of blades.

Thanks to the curved blade technology, DORCO razors can deliver these two functions: 

1) Micro / Narrow span: a closer, smoother shave with reduced skin irritation.

2) Open-flow blade cartridge: Superb cleaning performance and corrosion prevention for a longer cartridge life.

Characteristics of Curved Blades:  

DORCO_All-in-one structure without blade support
(1) All-in-one Structure 
Traditionally, razor blades are welded onto a support, which is made of high-strength alloyed aluminum to secure a certain level of hardness. The additional process of welding blades onto a separately manufactured support leads to higher cost and lower efficiency. In contrast, DORCO’s curved blade technology integrate the blade edges with the support—all in one structure. The seamless design simplifies the production process and meaningfully improves efficiency.   

DORCO_More room secured between blades
(2) Wider Span Between Blades
The curved blade technology allows extra area between blades. Assuming that the thickness of the blade support is the same, and blades are placed at the same distance from each other, curved blades have a wider span on the edges than welded blades. Thus, curved-blade razors are easier to clean, as the larger inter-blade spans better allow shaving debris to flow through.  
Another DORCO technology - open-flow blade cartridge, enhances cleaning performance and prevent corrosion for a longer blade life. The open-flow structure also stems from the curved blade technology.

DORCO_More blades within the same width of space
(3) More Blades Within the Same Width of Space
The curved blade technology makes it possible to fit more blades in a single cartridge than ever before. As illustrated above, with the thickness of the blade supports being equal, a larger number of curved blades can be positioned more closely together. The reduction of space between blades lessens the amount of bulging skin for a safer and smoother shave with minimal skin irritation. 

(4) Soft Hugging Blades
Seamlessly integrated with blade supports, DORCO’s curved blades are formed into an arced shape, which helps distribute pressure on the skin when shaving. The arced blade platform allows the blades to softly hug the surface of the skin, reducing the feeling of irritation.  

The development of curved blades enabled DORCO to introduce a six-blade razor design, which no other companies had ever done before at the time. It showcased DORCO’s superb manufacturing capability in the global razor market. Keep a lookout for how DORCO continues to evolve as a customer-centric company.


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