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DORCO’s R&D Efforts to Create Its Bamboo Hybrid Razor > NEWSROOM



DORCO’s R&D Efforts to Create Its Bamboo Hybrid Razor

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DORCO_Banboo Hybrid Razor

Today is the 22nd of April, which is Earth Day, an international event dedicated to raising public awareness about the gravity of environmental issues. As a responsible member of the international community, DORCO has been working to incorporate the values of environmental and social sustainability into its daily practices. 

In celebration of Earth Day, we are introducing DORCO’s R&D achievements that made possible Bamboo Hybrid Razor scheduled to be released later this year. Bamboo Hybrid Razor features a bamboo handle and a connector made of post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic*, embodying DORCO’s commitment to environment protection. Let us walk you through the story behind the development of Bamboo Hybrid Razor and its underlying specifications that best exemplify the initiatives for Earth Day.

* PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) plastics are recycled from plastic waste derived from consumer products.  

DORCO_3-blade Hybrid Razor with Bamboo Handle

R&D Background and Concept 

In a search for ways to protect the environment, DORCO took note of plastic waste issues related to disposable razors. As governments around the world are tightening regulations on plastic usage, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) manufacturers are scrambling to reduce the use of virgin plastics and adopt recycled materials instead. Against this backdrop, there was a growing call within the company for hybrid razors* with less plastic content, which set in motion the development of sustainable razors. DORCO’s Bamboo Hybrid Razor is uniquely designed with distinct characteristics. It has replaced virgin plastics by adopting bamboo, an all-natural material, for the handle and recycled plastics for the connector.  

* DORCO’s hybrid razor is a sustainable alternative to disposable razors by reducing plastic content and adopting a reusable handle.   

DORCO_Bamboo Hybrid Razor

100% Original Bamboo Handle

Bamboo Hybrid Razor’s handle is made of 100 percent natural material in bamboo. Bamboos grow about 30cm in one day, making it the fastest growing plants on the planet. Accordingly, it is a sustainable material that can be collected without causing deforestation or needing any replanting. Unlike most hardwood, which takes at least 40 years to mature, bamboo can be harvested every 1-4 years, offering a much shorter harvest cycle. Bamboo materials used for DORCO’s hybrid products are FSC-certified*, which testifies to DORCO’s commitment to environmentally and socially responsible sourcing. Moreover, the bamboo handle is incredibly durable and can be used up to five months*. Notably, the logo on the handle is laser engraved to avoid the use of chemical coating and inks.  

* Forest Stewardship Certification (FSC) ensures that wood materials or products come from sustainably managed forests.  

* 1 handle + 8 blades in a bundle; 2+ weeks of use per blade


DORCO_Bamboo Hybrid Razor

In addition, Bamboo Hybrid Razor’s connector is environmentally designed with 97% of the product from recycled material. What is more impressive is that the handle, the connector, and the cartridge are all detachable. Bamboo Hybrid Razor makes it easier to reuse the handle by separating the cartridge and the connector after they are used. It is truly an environmentally sustainable razor to the very end. 

DORCO_Bamboo Hybrid Razor

A Cartridge Full of DORCO’s Technology

Bamboo Hybrid Razor’s open-flow cartridge lets hair stubbles and foam rinse away more easily, allowing blades to stay perfectly clean for a longer life span. The lubrication strips enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera help the razor glide to achieve a smooth shave, and the rubber guard bar delivers a closer and softer shave. The shaving cartridge with a pivoting head enables the razor to better follow the contours of the face for a clean shave.  

DORCO_Bamboo Hybrid Razor

100% Paper Packaging*

DORCO has been focusing on its R&D efforts on packaging materials and methods for sustainable shaving. For instance, DORCO has already halved the plastic content in the packaging by changing the pack design from a clamshell double blister to a single blister. Bamboo Hybrid Razor takes a step further by adopting a fully recyclable FSC-certified cardboard packaging to effectively reduce plastic packaging. Going forward, the recyclable paper packaging will be rolled out across other sustainable product lines. Indeed, DORCO has already been supplying all-paper-packaged products in some markets. DORCO plans to continue its R&D to reduce its plastic footprints from every possible angle, ranging from products to packaging.  

* 100% paper packaging, plastic dispenser 


d3d7dbdad565d3401f8e585f624a904f_1619078425_8209.PNGLearn more about DORCO’s R&D on single blister packaging: 

As result of such R&D efforts, Bamboo Hybrid Razor uses 59%* less plastic than DORCO’s three-blade disposable plastic razor. 

* The comparison is with TRC200 (8 pcs), excluding packaging materials.    

Responsibly Made So You Can Responsibly Shave

DORCO has made extensive investments in both time and manpower to develop bamboo hybrid products. A total of five researchers were assigned for the development of prototypes and volume production technologies, and it took approximately 300 days to take the product from the initial concept stage to the package design. DORCO has made all-out efforts to deliver a perfect product from performance and environmental perspectives. With an unwavering commitment to the highest quality, DORCO tested approximately 3,300 samples to find the most optimal bamboo material and conducted 222 kinds of screening tests to detect harmful substances such as carcinogenic heavy metals and SVHCs (Substance of Very High Concern).

DORCO continues to develop sustainable technologies such as alternative materials for disposable razors. To reduce its plastic footprints, DORCO is committed to bringing sustainable products and packaging to the market. In addition, DORCO has established a task force team dedicated to environmental sustainability in product design, marketing, and R&D functions. This is part of company-wide efforts to meet the needs of environmentally conscious consumers. We are looking forward to introducing Bamboo Hybrid Razor, an initial result of such efforts, later this year. With DORCO’s sustainable razor, we ask you to join the fight against plastics!