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DORCO’s Expertise: Quality Management

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DORCO Expertise_Quality Management

DORCO is committed to maximizing customer satisfaction by delivering the highest quality products. Because razors are products that consumers can easily discern the performance, the perceived quality is a key consideration when making a purchase. Since its foundation, DORCO embarked on its mission to produce the highest quality products in the market. Today, Quality Management (QM) is one of DORCO’s key driving forces. 

DORCO_Quality Managment Process 

DORCO’s QM is enabled by Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA) at manufacturing facilities and Total Quality Control (TQT) across the company. DORCO has been making various efforts to deliver quality that satisfies consumer needs by thoroughly conducting statistical tests and establishing its own standards and in-house processes. DORCO understands that it is the only way to not just stay relevant, but lead the market.  

DORCO_Quality Control is the Foundation of a Perfect Shave 

Quality Control to Give the Best Shaving Experience 

As part of the quality control efforts, DORCO performs quality tests in multiple stages, including raw material analysis, in-process quality control, and total inspection. Countless evaluations are carried out to check the hardness of stainless-steel materials and control the assembly angles of razor blades based on DORCO’s own specifications. This process ensures that facial hair can be shaved with minimal skin irritation. Each evaluation criterion serves as a gateway to provide customers with the best shaving experience. Indeed, a clean and smooth shave offered by DORCO razors would not have been possible without the help of strict quality control measures. 

DORCO has been investing to introduce and upgrade various testing and measurement equipment to enable high-precision processing controls. An automated vision inspection system (VIS) has been introduced to scan all products and identify hidden defects that are not visible to the naked eye of inspectors and operators. Also, DORCO uses a wide range of testing and measuring systems, ranging from high-powered electronic microscopes and 3D measuring machines to the latest equipment that inspects wear resistance, cutting force, and durability of razor blades. They all play a key role in reducing defect rates and keeping the quality of products stabilized. 

DORCO_New Products Make Their Way to Shelf After Rigorous Quality Screening 

New Products Make Their Way to Shelf After Rigorous Quality Screening   

With the establishment of its R&D center in 1998, DORCO has been dedicated to developing cutting-edge technologies and deliver the highest quality. Developing razor blades that satisfy consumers typically involve new materials and novel designs. Accordingly, new technologies and products are subject to more rigorous quality screening as part of quality management. DORCO’s curved blade, its signature technology, and PACE 6, the world’s first six-blade razor, are the results of stringent quality control tests.  

Quality Certifications by Global Organizations Testify to DORCO’s Quality Management Capability  

Quality management through statistical tests takes place in accordance with specific standards and processes. As DORCO’s products are marketed globally, the firm’s own standards, as well as regulations in both domestic and overseas markets must be considered. For instance, razors with lubricating strips must comply with the EU cosmetics regulation if they are to be marketed in Europe, where lubricating strips are classified into the cosmetics category. Therefore, DORCO serves European consumers by designating an EU Responsible Person (RP) and submitting product information such as the list of all the ingredients to the EU Commissions through the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP). When it comes to hazardous materials regulations, there is also a clear difference in the US and Europe. 

DORCO_Quality consistency via automatized system

To meet different regulations and certification requirements across all regions and countries, DORCO actively communicates with partners in Korea and abroad to ensure the safety and excellence of its products. DORCO’s quality management capability has been globally recognized as seen by the acquirement of the ISO 22716 certification and more demanding BRC CP and IFS HPC certifications. 

Quality management is the source of DORCO’s confidence in the quality of its products. Employees at DORCO are working together towards the shared goal of delivering high quality products to customers, which calls for intensive investments and company-wide efforts. Going forward, DORCO will continue to carry out quality management by prioritizing the best quality for consumers.