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DORCO’s Competitive Edge

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DORCO_Competitive Edge

DORCO is one of the world’s leading razor brands. DORCO’s razors are highly regarded by consumers around the world and offer consumers the best shaving experiences. The secrets to its success are its globally recognized technological prowess, an extensive lineup of products, and its exceptional common docking system.

DORCO_Core Strengths

World-class Shaving Technology

DORCO has made a name for themselves for their outstanding razor technologies and is committed to providing top-quality razors to bring customer satisfaction to the highest level. Through continuous and active R&D, they became the world’s first to introduce innovative ideas to the market such as curved blade and the six- and seven-blade cartridges. These innovations have allowed DORCO to release a variety of high quality, high-performance products, and be globally recognized for its superb technological prowess, which is evidenced by exporting to more than 130 countries around the world. 

DORCO_Innovating to offer more choices

Products Designed for Every Shaving Style 

Another strength of DORCO is its lineup of products that suits every shaving style. With constant technological developments, DORCO has built a diverse product lineup from double-edge to seven-blade razors. Product diversification enables DORCO to offer a range of shaving solutions that consumers can choose from depending on their needs, such as the appropriate number of blades and the desired beard style. In response to the further segmentation of consumer needs, DORCO put together a dedicated R&D team of more than 200 in-house experts and specialists from all over the world to enhance the quality, performance, and safety of products. 

DORCO_Common Docking System

Common Docking System that Connects All 

An increasing number of razor brands are releasing products with cartridge interchangeability. DORCO stands out from the pack with a common docking system that fits all system razors from three-blade to seven-blade. Other companies support limited compatibility, allowing the replacement of cartridges only within the same number of blades (e.g., five-blade models) or between specific models (e.g., three-blade and five-blade designs). In contrast, DORCO’s common docking system gives consumers the freedom to snap any cartridge into a handle, regardless of the number of blades. This applies to all products within the same product line, such as men’s razor line, PACE, and women’s razor line, DORCO EVE.

http:// DORCO_Everyday-Style Locker Kit 

Recently, DORCO sent a specially designed kit, Everyday-Style Locker, to over 100 influencers in five countries, i.e., the UAE, Russia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Japan. The Everyday-Style Locker kit contains a selection of cartridges from three- to seven-blade. The kit allows influencers to find the right razor for their skin type and beard styles using the common docking system. Common docking provides consumers the option to match different cartridges on one handle to customize each shaving experience. 

60c40652934ab9eb0e68e180cfe9e722_1620345725_4354.PNG Click here to learn more about DORCO’s Your Everyday Style. HANDLED Campaign: link

DORCO as a leading razor manufacturer has produced high-quality razors since 1955 and is one of the world’s most recognized and beloved razor brands. DORCO will continue its efforts to provide consumers top-quality products to meet any lifestyle needs.