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DORCO’s Global Campaign 2021 Kicks Off

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DORCO Global Campaign 2021 Kicks Off

DORCO’s Global Campaign Kicks Off, Making Sure Your Everyday Style is HANDLED Even at Home 

DORCO is happy to announce the launch of our long-awaited global campaign!  

DORCO has been working to offer a perfect shave that will help kick start a fresh morning and handle your everyday style, regardless of skin and beard types. With diverse product lines that meet different customer needs, DORCO has launched a global campaign titled “Your Everyday Style. HANDLED” in five countries - Japan, Russia, Thailand, the UAE, and Vietnam. Let us walk you through the campaign such as the influencer seeding kits, campaign videos, livestreaming commerce, and much more.  


Everyday-Style Kit Locker  

DORCO has collaborated with influencers from the five countries and provided them with an Everyday-Style Kit. The specially-designed kit is shaped like a mini locker and contains a limited-edition classic razor handle and six different types of cartridges from three-blade to seven-blade. True to its name, the mini locker offers everything you desire to handle your everyday style. 

The Everyday-Style Kit creates an opportunity to experience DORCO’s common docking system, one of the many benefits that DORCO razors provide. The feature enables DORCO’s system razors to accommodate any multi-blade refill cartridges within the same product line from three-blade to seven-blade models. This helps consumers to choose a razor cartridge that best suit their shaving needs without having to replace the handle. Thanks to DORCO’s innovative technologies, influencers were able to find the right shaving style for themselves by mixing and matching different cartridges.

Aside from the razor handle and a selection of cartridges, the mini locker includes a razor case and a pack of DIY stickers. The case nicknamed “Style Keeper” keeps the razor dry and makes it easier to carry around. DIY stickers add a personal touch to the razor handle, the case, and the locker, making shaving experiences more enjoyable and special.  

Keep your Social Distance, but Stay Close to DORCO

The campaign videos capture everyday moments affected by the prolonged pandemic. While hunkering down at home and social distancing, many have been distancing themselves away from the razors as well. At a time when social distancing is a way of caring for one another, DORCO presents its ways to care for you and help handle your everyday style. 

These humorous videos portray “pandemic beard” problems that may occur in everyday settings such as having a home-delivered Taco, working remotely through Zoom, working out at home, and spending more time with kids indoors. Take a sneak peek at what it looks like when the quarantine beard gets in the way. Let DORCO help handle your everyday style and take time for yourself to have that self-care you all deserve. 

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570faca5e6d81a83506bead0c99bacfa_1621473458_373.PNGFatherhood. HANDLED. :

Ready to live stream on LAZADA Thailand

Recently, livestreaming commerce has entered the mainstream in the global retail market. On the occasion of the global campaign, DORCO is collaborating with a show host in Thailand to engage and communicate with consumers real-time through LAZADA, a global online marketplace. The livestreaming event is scheduled to take place later this year and an opportunity for consumers to experience DORCO and its products. It will be an interactive livestreaming event, with the host answering questions submitted through Live Chat and sharing their shaving tips. DORCO plans to host the livestreaming event only in Thailand this year but hopes to expand it to other countries going forward. Stay tuned for more updates on DORCO’s livestreaming show on LAZADA.  


Visit the Campaign Hub Page

If you want to learn more about DORCO’s campaign, click the link below to visit the website, which is available in five languages where the campaign is underway.  


RU Russia: 

TH Thailand: 

VN  Vietnam: 

JP  Japan: 

The website includes detailed information about the campaign, authentic reviews from selected influencers in five countries, a series of entertaining campaign video clips, and an introduction of DORCO’s technologies, showcased through its diverse selection of products. Click and take a dive in the universe of DORCO razors!


In addition, DORCO is having a giveaway event to provide consumers with an opportunity to experience everyday-style handled with DORCO razors. For those in the UAE, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Japan, do not miss out on the chance to get your Everyday-Razor Trial Kit. A total of 1,000 trial kits per country will be handed out on a first-come, first-served basis. So, hurry and click the link below to sign up! 


RU Russia: 

TH Thailand:

VN  Vietnam:

JP    Japan:

Your Everyday Style. HANDLED.

Start keeping your every morning and everyday style HANDLED with DORCO. 

Make It a Good Start.