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DORCO's Global Expansion to Vietnam > NEWSROOM



DORCO's Global Expansion to Vietnam

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Global Expansion

Founded in Korea more than 65 years ago, DORCO presents its superb technologies globally by expanding its footprints around the world through its sales networks across the UK, the US, China, Vietnam, the UAE, and Japan. 

Today, we want to introduce DORCO’s production base and sales subsidiary in Vietnam, which play a pivotal role for DORCO to expand its presence in the ASEAN market. Let us walk you through how DORCO entered the Vietnamese market and is successfully positioning itself.  




Made in Vietnam

Made in Vietnam 

The Southeast Asian region, where economic growth is gaining traction, is a promising emerging market. Accordingly, DORCO has quickly taken action to localize its operation by expanding its production base in Vietnam. 

DORCO VINA CO., LTD., DORCO’s production base in Vietnam, is fully capable of manufacturing locally. Situated in Hung Yen Province, DORCO VINA rapidly stabilized production following its start-up in 2010 and has become a key part of DORCO’s global production networks. 

Thanks to skilled workforce in Vietnam and multi-pronged quality control efforts by the Yongin plant, which serves as a controlling center for DORCO’s global production operations, razors produced by DORCO VINA offer price competitiveness, strong product quality, and outstanding cutting performance. As a result, “Made in Vietnam” is now regarded as a seal of quality and trusted by many of DORCO’s partners. 


Diversifying Customer Needs

Active Marketing Boosts DORCO’s Brand Awareness in Vietnam

Following the establishment of production facilities, DORCO founded a sales subsidiary, DORCO Vietnam Trading CP., LTD., in Ho Chi Minh City in 2011. DORCO Vietnam Trading, which started with three staff members in a small office, grew in size and stature as its market reach expanded. DORCO Vietnam Trading is now large enough to have staff dedicated to respective distribution channels.  

DORCO’s double edge blades were steady sellers in Vietnam even before the firm’s marketing activities began in earnest. In addition, portable and system razors have also gained popularity since mid-2010 among Vietnamese consumers, especially those living in urban regions. Against this backdrop, DORCO has achieved steady sales growth in men’s system razors (twin and 3-blade models) and portable razors (twin-blade models) segments. With the development of distribution networks, DORCO’s products are now available in traditional retail stores, as well as online channels such as Lazada, Tiki and Shopee. 


Marketing Efforts in Vietnam

DORCO Vietnam Trading has been doing its best to drive sales and enhance DORCO’s brand awareness by diversifying its marketing presence beyond certain channels such as barber shops, supporting the production of promotional materials for major wholesalers and retailers (e.g., T-shirts, watches, motorcycle helmets), organizing wholesaler events, running outdoor advertisements, and working closely with local partners. To become a truly global company, DORCO has been staging various campaigns, targeting not just Vietnam, a market with a 100 million population, but also the entire Southeast Asia, a massive market with 650 million population. The latest examples include ‘ALL THE FIRSTS MAKE THE MAN’ and ‘EVERY EXPERIENCE MAKES THE MAN’. 


In 2020, DORCO kicked off the ‘ALL THE FIRSTS MAKE THE MAN’ campaign in Vietnam by releasing a viral video on various social media platforms. The campaign video captured the “first times” anyone may have experienced in life. The brand video chronicles a man’s journey of growing up such as holding the hands of his crush, the first heartbreak, and the first day on his first job. The comical portrayal of first-times in life sends a message that DORCO will guide you along your journey of growth. 

DORCO also launched First Time Contest on social media, inviting young consumers to share their stories about first-times and offered prizes to the winners who received the most reactions. The competition turned out a success, with over 800 social media users participating, and it provided an opportunity to raise DORCO’s brand awareness and actively engage with consumers in Vietnam. In collaboration with BeatVN, DORCO also went out to the streets to interview random people about their first-times and documented it on vlogs.

“First Time” Vlog #1: 

“First Time” Vlog #2: 

“First Time” Vlog #3: 

Branding Campaigns



Following last year’s campaign, DORCO launched a new campaign titled ‘EVERY EXPERIENCE MAKES THE MAN’. DORCO collaborated with three local artists and produced a music video ‘Choi Choi Choi’ inspired by popular rap music trends among young Vietnamese. The music video captured the attention of many by bringing out the best of the three artists. Last year, DORCO communicated a hopeful message about growing up through first-time experiences in life. This year’s campaign shared a message that you can become a better person by learning from every experience life has to offer, and DORCO will be with you at every stage of life.

Choi Choi Choi music video: 

Currently, DORCO is exporting to 130 markets around the world with its outstanding products, displaying more than a double-digit growth every year. DORCO’s growth as a global company has been driven by the establishment of sales operations and well-executed localized marketing strategies. Going forward, DORCO is set to further enhance support its global subsidiaries to reach out to customers in other ASEAN countries such as Cambodia and Laos. 

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