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DORCO's Global Expansion to UAE

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DORCOs Global Expansion to UAE

The Middle East and Africa (MEA) region offers enormous potential. Identifying opportunities in the region early on, DORCO established a subsidiary in the UAE to extend its reach across the MEA markets. As result of agile market penetration efforts, DORCO has achieved growth on various aspects such as brand awareness and revenue expansion in the MEA market. Today, let us walk you through how DORCO has advanced to the Middle Eastern market and raised its profile through active marketing to become a trusted brand. 

DORCO_Market Hub in Dubai

Market Hub in Dubai, DORCO MEA FZE 

DORCO entered the Middle Eastern market in 2006 and established DORCO MEA FZE, a UAE-based subsidiary in 2008. Being strategically located between the Middle East and Africa, the UAE was a natural choice to serve as a control tower for DORCO’s operation in the MEA market. 

Moving beyond its initial focus on wholesale, DORCO MEA FZE has been reaching out to retail markets with an entire lineup of products from portable razors to system razors in collaboration with local distributors. After expanding the sales operations to Africa, DORCO has displayed an annual revenue growth of approximately 10% since 2018. Notably, DORCO’s new market, Africa, posted revenue growth of more than 300%. 

DORCO’s key product lineups include system razors for men and women, premium portable razors, portable twin-blade razors, and double edge razor blades and are widely loved by customers for superb product quality and competitive prices. DORCO has also released unique products such as eyebrow trimmers, bikini razors, and Try Me packs that appealed to the interests of consumers. When DORCO first entered the vast MEA markets, the premium segment was virtually non-existent. However, with a diversified lineup encompassing double edge razor blades to premium system razors, DORCO has successfully carved out a niche in the market. 

DORCO_Marketing Efforts in UAE

Active Marketing Paying Dividends in the UAE

Penetrating local distribution networks is a challenge. Considering the characteristics of the MEA markets, DORCO has been actively carrying out marketing activities by targeting retail channels, recruiting sales reps, and placing outdoor billboard ads to raise brand awareness in major markets in Africa. In December 2020, DORCO donated 600 grooming kits specially designed for healthcare professionals at Aster Hospital in Dubai who are at the frontline of fighting COVID-19.

Learn more about DORCO’s CSR activities in UAE:  

Looking beyond the post-pandemic era, DORCO has been expanding e-commerce channels, continuously engaging with consumers through social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram. DORCO launched a marketing campaign in earnest in the first half of 2020 called “Sharper Thinking”. Following the campaign, DORCO rolled out a new marketing initiative, “Shave Goodbye to Bad Razors” in 2021. 

DORCO_Branding Campaign in UAE

Sharper Thinking

Under the theme of “Smart Choice by Savvy Consumers”, DORCO launched a marketing campaign with a focus on website development and social media engagement. DORCO created informative content on various topics such as company background and history, product technologies and advantages, the importance of rinsing razor blades during shaving, and other shaving tips. These contents were seeded on Facebook and Instagram. On the occasion of Eid Week and Father’s Day, DORCO also hosted sampling events through social media channels, providing consumers with more opportunities to try out DORCO products.  

Sharper Thinking #1: 

Sharper Thinking #2:  

Sharper Thinking #3:  

Sharper Thinking #4:  

DORCO_Branding Campaign in UAE_Shave Goodbye to Bad Razors

Shave Goodbye to Bad Razors

“Shave Goodbye to Bad Razors”, a promotion campaign launched earlier this year, comically portrays a man and a woman getting into a “hairy” situation due to bad razors. The two-episode campaign sends a message that DORCO is here to deliver a smoother, trouble-free shaving experience and promotes the strengths of DORCO’s brands and products. The coverage of the ad campaign was extended to Saudi Arabia in addition to the UAE, targeting savvy consumers in the Middle East.  



In addition to the ad campaign, DORCO is actively collaborating with influencers. Featuring two themes, “New Day, New Look” and “Competition”, DORCO’s influencer campaigns intend to increase brand awareness. “New Day, New Look” showcases DORCO razors in everyday situations through various activities of influencers, while “Competition” gives out shaving kits to those who have applied for a contest via comments on the event post.


As part of its dynamic efforts to expand market presence, DORCO MEA FZE has been staging marketing campaigns to drive sales and raise DORCO’s brand profile. Please keep an eye out for DORCO’s upcoming events scheduled for later this year.  

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