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Words to the Wise: 3 Ways to Get the Perfect Shave

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DORCO_Words to the Wise-3 Ways to Get the Perfect Shave

It is known that facial hair growth in males first occurs between the age of nine and fifteen on average. Most men begin to shave at such an early age, but there is little advice on how to actually do it. Today, Wooyoung Ryu, professional barber at South Korea’s renowned barbershop, Entourage Barbershop, joins us to share his tips on three ways to get the perfect shave.   

1-1. Choose a Razor That is Right for You

As everyone has different skin types and beard thickness, choosing the right razor is the most important step. Razors come in different forms to meet the varying needs of individual users. First of all, shaving can be divided into wet shaving, which requires shaving in wet conditions, and dry shaving, which does not require any water as the name suggests. While dry shaving is typically done through electric shavers, wet shaving features a variety of razors, including portable, system, double-edge safety, single-blade straight, and foldable razors. Of these, system razors are most widely used and come with a different number of blades on the cartridge. As such, finding the right razor that can perfectly fit your needs is key.

1-2. The More Blades the Better?

The number of razor blades varies anywhere from three to seven blades. There are debates about whether more means better. Theoretically speaking, having multiple blades on a razor would cut more hair in one single stroke, allowing for a quicker shave. That is, a single stroke enables a clean shave, which in turn helps reduce skin irritation. One may think that the passing of multiple blades over the skin would mean more irritation. However, razor cartridges have lubricating strips or similar features that ensure a low-irritation shaving experience. Men with thick or dense beards can also experience a clean shave, especially when the blades make more strokes over the skin. But of course, given the differences in the types of skin and facial hair among individuals, there is caution in saying that multi-blade razors are the right choice for all. 

2. Use Shaving Foam or Shaving Gel Before Shaving

Shaving foam or shaving gel are essential to experience a smooth shave. Dry facial hairs are bristle and stiff and feel like steel wires. When facial hairs are not properly softened and primed, shaving can cause damage to the skin as well as the blades. Shaving foam or gel moisturize the beard, making it easier to shave. Additionally, they create a protective film between razor blades and the skin to reduce risks of nicks and cuts. Applying shaving foam or gel before shaving, which acts as a moisturizing and lubricating agent to the skin, will add a new level of smoothness to shaving. 

3. Apply Aftershave to Your Skin After Shaving

Does your skin sometimes feel dry or irritated after shaving? The contact of razor blades on the skin will irritate your skin and prone to leaving behind long-term damage that is not immediately noticeable. Accordingly, the skin needs to be protected against irritation. Aftershave effectively soothes face post-shave to prevent potential irritation from shaving. Aftershave helps enhance the skin barrier and easily manages skin troubles and dryness. Applying aftershave post shaving would give an unsurpassed coolness and refreshment.

Today, we looked into three ways to get the perfect shave—choosing a razor that is right for you, using shaving foam or gels to moisturize the skin and applying aftershave to the skin after shaving. Here is the video on a detailed guide to find the right razor for you, so be sure to check it out!  https://ytube.io/3MWd 

*This article is written based on the consultation from Wooyoung Ryu, barber at Korea’s renowned barber shop, N2rage Barbershop.