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Words to the Wise: 3 Ways to Enjoy Classic Shaving > NEWSROOM



Words to the Wise: 3 Ways to Enjoy Classic Shaving

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DORCO_Words to the Wise_3 Ways to Enjoy Classic Shaving

There is no denying that countries all over the world have seen the rise of barbershops over the last few years.  Accessibility to professional hair care products and men becoming increasingly more interested in self-care have contributed to the rapid growth of the men’s grooming industry. And with that, more men have turned to classic shaving for that luxurious, self-care experience. But classing shaving could seem a bit intimidating to try at first. So, how can we make this more enjoyable? Here are DORCO’s three tips on how to enjoy classic shaving for the newbies.  

1. Use a Safety Razor

The safety razor is a good fit for those who are new to classic shaving. Safety razors are safer options than the straight razors used by professional barbers. But just because they are safe does not mean that they are without benefits. They have the ability to deliver the most detailed shaving experience aside from straight razors. In addition, they minimize the risks of skin irritation thanks to having only one blade that comes into contact with the skin. Double-edge blades that are used with safety razors also feature a price tag that is appealing to many consumers.  

2. Use Double-edge Blades Made of Martensite Stainless Steel

Generally speaking, materials used for double-edge blades are classified into carbon steel and stainless steel. As classic shaving takes the form of a wet shave, the contact with water can cause corrosion damage to blades. If rust forms due to the prolonged exposure to a wet environment, it could cause various health risks such as tetanus. Carbon steel has a high degree of hardness and wear resistance but a low corrosion resistance and requires high maintenance. In contrast, stainless steel has a relatively low degree of hardness and wear resistance but has high corrosion resistance and low maintenance, making it easy to handle. Meanwhile, DORCO’s double-edge blades are made of martensite stainless steel, which combines the advantages of both carbon steel and stainless steel. Martensite stainless steel is as corrosion-resistant as stainless steel and as hard as carbon steel. It is also well-positioned for long-term storage and maintenance. Therefore, using martensitic stainless steel is highly recommendable.

3. Shave Using a Shaving Bowl and a Shaving Brush

A shaving bowl and a shaving brush are essential items for classic shaving. Wonder why a shaving bowl and a shaving brush are needed when shaving cream can simply be applied using hands? It is because the duo has a lot to offer. First of all, using a shaving brush helps apply shaving cream faster and evenly compared to using hands. Thanks to its water-absorbing capability and high-density hair, a shaving brush produces plenty of lather with a small amount of shaving cream, reaching every corner of the face to lubricate the skin. Swirling the brush across the entire face helps gently exfoliate the skin and remove the residue. All in all, shaving brush and bowl are the go-to items to experience classic shaving. An extra tip for a safe and clean shave is to take a warm shower or prep the face with a steam towel to soften facial hair. 

To sum up, the three keys to enriching a classic shaving experience are choosing a safety razor, using double-edge blades made of martensitic stainless steel, and lather in a bowl with a shaving brush. DORCO’s video on ways to recreate a classic barbershop shave is finally out! Check out the video and shave like a pro at home. https://ytube.io/3MWe

*This article is written in consultation with Wooyoung Ryu, a professional barber with Korean N2rage Barbershop.