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DORCO's Global Expansion to China

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DORCO Global Expansion to China

DORCO SHANGHAI TRADING CO., LTD., located in China, is known for its ability to shift execution to a new initiative rapidly. DORCO Shanghai has been actively embracing e-commerce, while launching active ad campaigns on China’s leading web portals such as Baidu. As a result, DORCO’s brand awareness among Chinese consumers, which was very low in the early 2000s, has increased considerably according to a survey in 2020. This article introduces how DORCO Shanghai has opened a new chapter of DORCO’s global prowess by outlining its success cases, as well as its marketing and e-commerce activities.  

DORCO Shanghai Trading


After being established to enhance distribution networks and market share in China, DORCO Shanghai has been continuously building up its sales organization since the beginning. With the creation of a cross-border marketing team at the corporate level, DORCO Shanghai has been working closely with the headquarters to keep the finger on the pulse of the Chinese market. In 2015, DORCO Shanghai successfully localized product design by translating the packaging text from English to Chinese to make it more understandable and compelling to Chinese consumers. In addition, DORCO and PACE brands have developed brands exclusive to the Chinese market, supported by DORCO Shanghai’s understanding of the Chinese language, sentiment, and consumer behaviors. At the same time, DORCO Shanghai has aggressively undertaken various promotions and sales promotion campaigns.

DORCO Shanghai’s key selling products include system razors for men and women, portable razors, double-edge razor blades, and shaving accessories, which have gained popularity for superb quality and competitive pricing. With an extensive lineup of products encompassing double-edge razor blades to premium system razors, DORCO is now known as a brand that satisfies the diverse needs of Chinese consumers.  

DORCO_Marketing Achievement in China

Aggressive Marketing Leading to Market Expansion in China

DORCO launched a full-fledged marketing campaign in China beginning in 2016. The firm has made aggressive efforts to expand its presence, penetrating various channels such as in-store displays, sales reps, outdoor ads, promotional items for business, and exhibitions. DORCO also pursues localized marketing activities by utilizing social media and collaborating with wanghong or key opinion leaders (KOLs).

The Shanghai subsidiary has further enhanced DORCO’s brand recognition in China using over-the-top (OTT) advertising and billboard ads. In addition, the firm has been taking part in exhibitions in diverse branches such as hotel supplies, beauty products, and household goods. Notably, DORCO organized live-streaming in collaboration with KOLs during fairs and published related press releases. 

DORCO collaborated with KOLs on Xiaohongshu by creating lifestyle content to generate positive IWOM (Internet Word of Mouth) and raise the brand’s profile on the online space. Its collaboration with high-profile KOLs on the TikTok platform also helped promote and gain exposure for DORCO products.

DORCO’s Social Channels 




Aside from these activities, DORCO has launched a series of digital marketing campaigns beginning with “Are You Smart Enough to Choose DORCO?” in 2020 and followed by “Love Every Day” in 2021.


DORCO_Digital Marketing Campaign Success Cases

Successful Digital Marketing Campaigns in China

The digital marketing campaign was implemented in 2020 under the title of “Are You Smart Enough to Choose DORCO?”. The campaign is themed on ‘a smart choice by savvy consumers’, communicating a message that using DORCO products is the right choice. Taking advantage of the recent trend among young Chinese, the campaign effectively delivered a brand message encouraging consumers to make a wiser choice.  

Are You Smart Enough to Choose DORCO?: 

In 2021, a new campaign titled “Love Every Day” was launched. Under DORCO’s brand slogan Make It a Good Start, the marketing campaign introduced a sub-message, Love Every Day, and incorporated the element of love into all contents created during the campaign period. By sharing messages of comfort and support to those who are feeling the weight of pandemic fatigue, the campaign highlighted DORCO’s position as a lifetime companion, rather than just a razor brand.  

Love Every Day #1: 

Love Every Day #2: 


DORCO_E-Commerce Activities in China

E-Commerce Activities Gaining Traction

DORCO Shanghai entered the e-commerce space in 2015 and sought to make it more appealing by offering distinctive online shopping experiences. While optimizing logistics services such as delivery, DORCO Shanghai introduced convenient packaging exclusive to online stores to capture consumers' attention online. In addition, a series of special edition packages were released in time for seasonal events such as Valentine's Day and Singles' Day and met with a warm market reception. Besides that, DORCO Shanghai continues to develop a new market through live commerce. Korean staff working as an expat in the Shanghai subsidiary hosts live commerce to promote DORCO products from the perspective of local consumers, as well as listening to and reflecting the voice of consumers.  

DORCO Shanghai’s E-Commerce Sites


To sum up, DORCO Shanghai has undertaken various marketing activities to beef up its local distribution organization and has driven top-line growth since its early days. Additionally, thanks to active collaboration with the headquarters, DORCO Shanghai has contributed to a rapid increase in DORCO’s brand awareness in China. Indeed, the future of the ever-growing DORCO Shanghai looks brighter than ever.