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DORCO Launches Their First-Ever Women's 3D Motion Razor > NEWSROOM



DORCO Launches Their First-Ever Women's 3D Motion Razor

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DORCO EVE 5 Motion_For Your Flawless Shave

Shaving is always a difficult task that takes time. Notably, extra caution is needed when shaving the armpit, bikini line, and leg area, as the razor blades come into direct contact with the skin. The skin of the body gets sensitive after shaving, and the hairs tend to become thicker and coarser when they grow back. Taking these into consideration, DORCO has developed DORCO EVE 5 Motion* after years of research on body shaving.



DORCO_Simple, Elegant, Sleek Designs


Simple, Elegant, Sleek Designs with Improved Grip

DORCO EVE 5 Motion stands out from its previous model from the design perspective. Seung Mi Shin, product designer, said "DORCO EVE 5 Motion highlights how simple and elegant the razor design can be", raising the expectations. The design concept of DORCO EVE 5 Motion is summed up in three words: simple, elegant, and sleek. While accentuating the simple and streamlined design, DORCO EVE 5 Motion also improved the grip, a differentiating factor to body shaving experiences. The non-transparent handle features a broad tip and a micro-patterned surface, taking the design to a higher level. Moreover, the 3D motion-rounded head in metallic color visualizes the way DORCO EVE 5 Motion glides effortlessly along the body contours.


DORCO EVE 5 Motion Technology

Reaching All Contours with a Smooth Glide

DORCO EVE 5 Motion has added unique features supported by DORCO's advanced technologies. Yong Geon Kim, product R&D researcher, said "We wanted to deliver the utmost smoothness and safety to all customers when they shave." With this in mind, the R&D team embarked on product development. DORCO's cutting-edge technology, 3D Motion, combined with the flexible head allows the razor to hug the body's contours for a smooth shave. The lubricating strip containing vitamin E and aloe helps minimize the risks of skin irritation, making the razor glide more gently and act as a moisturizing barrier. In addition, DORCO EVE 5 Motion placed a focus on the grip. Of DORCO's razors for women, DORCO EVE 5 Motion features a distinctive handle design to provide a better grip.  

DORCO 3D Motion Technology

Enhanced Performance and Satisfaction

According to user assessment, DORCO EVE 5 Motion achieved higher scores than its predecessor* in terms of performance and user satisfaction. About 64.7% of respondents preferred DORCO EVE 5 Motion. Specifically, the level of satisfaction was higher with shaving the armpit, bikini line, and leg area, and DORCO EVE 5 Motion fared better on performance metrics such as clean shave, close movement, precise control, handling, and shaving posture. In addition, more than 87% said razors equipped with the 3D Motion function outperformed those without, showing satisfaction with the 3D Motion technology.  


DORCO_Favorable Responses from Actual Users

Favorable Responses from Actual Users

One of the survey respondents who participated in product testing said "The product's weight and the shape of the handle are comfortable to shave with, and the handle has the right length", expressing satisfaction with the overall design. Another respondent praised the handle for its functionality saying "The material of the handle is pleasant to hold and does not get slippery even when wet or soapy". Other positive reviews include: "Its pastel colors look attractive" and "It is lightweight, and the handle has the shape and length that allow for comfortable shaving." All in all, DORCO EVE 5 Motion has received a warm reception for its palette of stylish colors and convenience.

DORCO EVE 5 Motion has captured much attention since its release, boasting design and functionality that fit its reputation. Equipped with DORCO's cutting-edge technologies and upgraded innovations, DORCO EVE 5 Motion helps customers achieve a smoother and cleaner shave. DORCO EVE 5 Motion is featured in mint and living coral colors. Keep a lookout for more about DORCO EVE 5 Motion!

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