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Words to the Wise: Beard Style Trends and Outlook > NEWSROOM



Words to the Wise: Beard Style Trends and Outlook

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The outbreak of COVID-19 affected all areas of our lives as we were asked to put a break on enjoying a social life. And it also held us back from showing off our cool beards, hidden behind the masks for quite a while now. Does that mean beards are out of style? The answer is no – they’re still absolutely in style. Let’s take a look at popular beard styles in 2021, basic styling tips, and what styles could be trending in 2022. 

Popular Beard Styles in 2021

The classic full beard is one of the most popular beard styles every year, as it highlights a voluminous look. However, as the full beard is not in everyone’s gene pool, a short stubble beard is one of the easiest facial hair style alternatives. The Balbo beard style is in vogue in the East, and other stylistic variations include a chinstrap beard with extended sideburns. In the West, a short stubble look is among the most popular beard styles. The short stubble on the sides is typically paired with a full beard at the bottom, as short sides frame the face, and the full beard on the chin accentuates the compelling look. As such, the beard shapes and popular styles vary by the characteristics of facial hairs.   

Which Style Best Fits the Shape of Your Face? 

While styling preferences differ by the characteristics of facial hairs, facial shapes are also a key styling consideration. The beards can be styled to complement the facial structure. Here is the ultimate guide for beard styles by different face shapes. 

1) Square 

The best beard styles for square-shaped faces are those that cover the strong bone structure. Try to avoid wearing a long beard and instead create a sharp look. For example, a short stubble look or a full beard with short sides are among the best options. 

2) Round 

Round faces can benefit from beard styles that make the face look sharper and bring out more of the masculine side. The full beard or Dutch styles are the best friends of round-faced men. Beard styles that give the illusion of sharper contours such as the Balbo beard are recommendable for those who want short beards.   

3) Lean 

Lean faces look best with a beard style that makes the face look fuller such as Garibaldi and Dutch styles. As covering the cheeks helps soften the angular facial structure, the best beard styles are the ones that add more volume to the cheek area.    

4) Long 

Long faces fare better with short beards along the jawline, as a long beard under the chin makes the face look drawn out. Thus, it is recommendable to keep the beard short on the chin and the nose area. Men with this face type benefit most from a short stubble style. Also recommendable is the goatee style, especially extended goatee, which is a blend of a classic goatee along with a mustache.  

Styling Tips for Beginners 

Some might want to style their beards but don’t know where to begin or how to do it. Here are simple beard styling tips. First, let the beard grow for about one or two months to get to the desired length.   

Short beard styles are best for beginners. As long beards require taming curly hairs and a lot of time and effort, going with the basics is the safest and best bet. In this sense, the short stubble beard style is easy to achieve and maintain. 

Last but not least, maintaining the look is essential. In a couple of weeks after the styling, the outline of the beard begins to fade, and trimming is needed to keep the contours tidy. Stubble razors such as DORCO Slant Stubble Razor are the perfect companion for styling and maintenance.

Trend Outlook in 2022 

Mask-wearing makes it challenging to maintain a beard during the pandemic. That said, if the pandemic subsides and wearing a mask is no longer necessary next year, long beards are expected to make a comeback. Specifically, most are likely to opt for a full beard style, while beard enthusiasts will go for the Verdi style beard. If the mask mandate is extended to next year, short beard styles will remain relevant. The short stubble beard will continue to appeal to those who want the most basic style, and the goatee style beard will charm those who desire a funky look. 

This article looked into popular beard styles in 2021, simple styling tips, and trend outlook in 2022. The more one learns about beard styling, the easier it becomes to find the right beard style and achieve the desired look. DORCO’s most recent video includes a step-by-step tutorial on how to style a short stubble beard with DORCO Slant Stubble Razor. Check out the video and style your own short stubble! https://ytube.io/3MWg   

*This article is written in consultation with Wooyoung Ryu, a professional barber with Korean N2rage Barbershop.