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DORCO's Global Expansion to Vietnam - Virtual Exhibition

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DORCO_Global expansion to Vietnam

Vietnam marketing activities in 2020 and 2021 have largely been a success, highlighted by the Choichoichoi music video earning more than 7.5 million views and 2.6 million engagements across YouTube and Facebook platforms and gaining more than 300 thousand views and 89 thousand engagements on TikTok. In today's article, we have interviewed the campaign director in charge of Vietnam to review the past campaigns, 'All the Firsts Make the Man'' and 'Every Experience Makes the Man'' and catch a glimpse of what is to come in the virtual exhibition 'All Experience Make the Man'.

DORCO_All the firsts make the man

All the Firsts Make the Man

Q. What was the concept and purpose behind the 2020 campaign?

'All the Firsts Make the Man' is DORCO's first brand campaign targeting the Vietnamese audience. Its message assures that DORCO accompanies one's journey from boyhood to adulthood and helps navigate a series of life's challenges and firsts such as first love, first breakup, and first job. The campaign was designed to reach out to DORCO's primary target audience, Gen Z, and make the brand more relatable by conveying positive messages. 

Q. How did the public receive the campaign?

The campaign video drew lots of attention on social platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok. We were able to effectively connect and engage with our Gen Z consumers in Vietnam from the campaign. We received positive feedback from female consumers that the video helped find suitable gifts for their loved ones. We also held a social media event with 800 participants who shared their first-time stories, which many found meaningful and inspiring and received generous feedback.

DORCO_Every experience makes the man

Every Experience Makes the Man

Q. How was the 2021 campaign developed from the 2020 campaign?

Being the first marketing campaign in Vietnam, DORCO focused on raising brand awareness in 2020 rather than building relationships with consumers. The 2020 campaign's message focused on life's firsts punctuating the transition from boyhood to manhood. For 2021, the campaign was designed not just to promote the brand and its products but also to create compelling contents to engage with the consumers. It highlighted that every experience, small or big, is unique, and DORCO will empower Gen Z to believe in themselves as they grow. The messages of the two campaigns all come down to this: DORCO is here for you.

The 2021 campaign has featured different activities, such as social media challenges and a virtual exhibition. We wanted to give our consumers an opportunity to try the products firsthand since the characteristics of blades make it difficult for consumers to purchase a razor without trying it out first. They will be able to do just that at our virtual exhibition, which is slated to open on October 29, 2021.

Q. Why was the 2021 campaign produced in the form of a music video?

After a lot of soul searching to find ways to connect with consumers, rap music, a popular music genre among young Vietnamese, was chosen to intrigue DORCO's target audience. Each influencer's experiences while growing up were made into rap verses to appeal to young consumers, communicating a positive message that DORCO accompanies their lifetime journey.

DORCO_Virtual exhibition

All Experience Make the Man Virtual Exhibition

Q. Please introduce the upcoming Virtual Exhibition.

The 'All Experience Make the Man'' exhibition will launch on October 29, 2021, on a virtual interactive website. We 've gathered 50 true stories by men (including some well-known online personalities) that reflect their developmental journeys, collectively highlighting the diversity of experiences that young men go through. From the virtual exhibition, users will be able to create an avatar that represents themselves with all the aspects for personalization like costumes and appearances. In addition, XR technology will help people feel like they are visiting a real exhibition from the moment they enter the main gate to activities, such as visiting the check-in, exploring the gallery, and playing online games. Users will also get a chance to win gifts by participating in the games and activities.

DORCO_Virtual exhibition

Q. What sets the Virtual Exhibition apart from previous campaigns?

The exhibition titled 'All Experience Make the Man' is DORCO's first attempt to integrate virtual reality technologies into marketing activities. It was initially planned as an offline event but is now set to take place virtually in the face of the prolonged pandemic. As people are hunkering down at home due to social distancing, the virtual exhibition enables visitors to click their way through artworks from the comfort of their homes and escape the pandemic fatigue for just a little while.

Consumer engagement and positive feedback to DORCO products have steadily increased since 2020, when DORCO Vietnam launched aggressive marketing activities. This speaks to the effectiveness of the campaigns, and it will only increase as time passes. Looking ahead to 2022, DORCO is planning various activities to engage with local customers and create opportunities for them to try out DORCO products. Be sure to follow DORCO Vietnam on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

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