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DORCO's Global Expansion to Vietnam – All Experience Make the Man > NEWSROOM



DORCO's Global Expansion to Vietnam – All Experience Make the Man

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DORCO_All Experience Make the Man

DORCO has finally launched the long-awaited ‘All Experience Make the Man’ Exhibition! After opening on October 29, the VR exhibition is set to take place for a month through November 29. The exhibition offers a variety of events to take audience engagement to a whole new level. Here is a glimpse into the exhibition’s diverse activities such as the ‘Coloring Challenge’, ‘Hold the Duck’ game, and collaboration with high-profile influencers.


DORCO_All Experience Make the Man Virtual Exhibition

All Experience Make the Man Virtual Exhibition

The virtual exhibition titled ‘All Experience Make the Man’ is designed to enable consumers to virtually enjoy the exhibition online at a time when people remain at home to practice social distancing following the outbreak of COVID-19. The exhibition provides an opportunity for users to create their personal online avatars and style them any way they want. In addition, from the moment they step into the exhibition, the users can experience the check-in, gallery tour, and online games as if they are physically visiting the exhibition with the help of XR technology.


DORCO_Coloring Activities and Interactive Games

Coloring Activities and Interactive Games

To spice up the virtual exhibition, DORCO has planned diverse games such as the Coloring Challenge, where participants paint a given picture to re-create the image in their own ways. The event received over 100 entries from users, and 16 finalists were awarded high-end Bluetooth speakers. Besides the challenge, three games named ‘Decode the Teencode’, ‘Hold the Duck’, and ‘Don’t Follow the Rule’ grabbed the attention of users. Visitors are encouraged to participate in these games, as top three participants with the highest cumulative scores will be awarded with compelling prizes such as high-end keyboards, Bluetooth speakers, and game consoles.

DORCO_Collaboration with Famous Influencers

Collaboration with Famous Influencers

For this exhibition, DORCO collaborated with Vietnam’s leading influencers. Win. D, a top-rated gaming streamer and influencer with over 750,000 subscribers on YouTube and more than 1.5 million followers on Facebook, live-streamed his tour of the exhibition and successfully captured the attention of the audience with videos of him enjoying a variety of activities. Lân Jee, a comedian and influencer with over 559,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 1.1 million Facebook followers, promoted the exhibition through his own Facebook and encouraged the followers to participate in the exhibition. Other influencers also promoted the events through their social media networks such as TikTok, raising expectations for the virtual exhibition.


DORCO_Feedback from Actual Users


Feedback from Actual Users

Those who participated in the virtual exhibition shared their experiences through their social media channels. After an initial look through the reviews, the responses indicated strong levels of user satisfaction. One of the users posted on his/her Facebook called the exhibition “a top-notch virtual exhibition”, expressing strong satisfaction. Moreover, there were positive reviews that the exhibition is very charming and pretty in designs, and comments which encouraged others to participate in the event were found, as well. Some participants even promoted the event on their own Instagram stories, displaying positive responses to the virtual exhibition.

Since its launch, ‘All Experience Make the Man’ Exhibition has received a warm reception. Related articles were published by a total of 20 media platforms, drawing participants’ attention. In addition, the virtual exhibition successfully attracted 1,974 users in just four days after the launch. Many more opportunities to win prizes still remain, including game consoles, high-end keyboards, Bluetooth speakers, and DORCO PACE 6 Plus razors. So, please check the link below and join the exciting adventure!

‘All Experience Make the Man’ Virtual Exhibition: