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Global Expansion to Thailand - Curved for Smooth Life > NEWSROOM



Global Expansion to Thailand - Curved for Smooth Life

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DORCO_Global Expansion to Thailand

DORCO Thailand’s “Curved for Smooth Life” campaign highlights one of DORCO’s core technologies - the curved blade. The campaign, which took place only virtually due to the pandemic, promoted DORCO’s key technology in a fun and humorous way, using HERO videos, a “Follow the Curved Blade” challenge on social media, influencer collaborations, and product sampling events.

DORCO_curved blade

Curved for Smooth Life Campaign Video

The “Curved for Smooth Life” video was designed to create a strong impression of the curved blade, one of DORCO’s key technologies. DORCO’s blade is characterized by its curved shape. The campaign video presents the benefits of DORCO’s curved blade in a comical way. It portrays the curved blade as a person who is late to work avoiding the eyes of his boss by bending his body. After narrowly escaping the close call, the hero starts his day with a bright smile. With DORCO’s main slogan, “Make it a Good Start”, the video carries an uplifting message wishing everyone a smooth start to the day. The video proved to be a huge success, recording 7,697,757 impressions on YouTube and 3,983,836 impressions on Facebook. In addition, the video effectively showcased DORCO PACE 3, one of DORCO’s flagship products featuring the curved blade technology. 

DORCO_curved blade

Follow the Curved Blade to Win your DORCO PACE 3

Along with the “Curved for Smooth Life” video, the campaign also executed a social media event to induce customer participation and promote the curved blade in a more compelling way. Consumers were invited to share their photos where they physically depict the curved blade with their body and reviews of the campaign video. Of the 248 entries submitted, 100 winners were awarded with DORCO PACE 3 and gift cards. With over 13,000 likes, 496 comments and 462 shares, the event helped the campaign video go viral and successfully promote DORCO’s key curved blade technology. It also offered consumers an opportunity to experience DORCO PACE 3 firsthand.

Influencer Engagement to Highlight DORCO PACE 3

Aside from the campaign video, DORCO collaborated with influencers to introduce DORCO PACE 3 through various channels and promoted its benefits to consumers. Tangmoplay, a YouTuber and Facebook influencer specializing in sports and entertainment, posted a DORCO PACE 3 review on Facebook, which reached a total of 103,651 users. Thai Top Fitness, a fitness influencer on YouTuber and Facebook, presented DORCO’s product and technologies in an approachable way by making a YouTube clip of workout routines with curved blade-like poses and  shaving with DORCO PACE 3. Joker Family, an influencer with 1.84 million Facebook followers and 1.2 million YouTube subscribers, created a video with an interesting story to convey the campaign’s message and introduce DORCO PACE 3. 

DORCO_curved blade

Sampling Event for Giveaways

Last but not least, DORCO Thailand organized a variety of sampling events, providing consumers with an opportunity to experience DORCO PACE 3. For example, customers will be rewarded with free DORCO PACE 3 for their purchase of specific shower creams and toothpastes above a certain amount on Lion Corporation, an online shopping mall for household and healthcare products in Thailand, throughout December. In collaboration with Joker Family, DORCO also gave away DORCO PACE 3 to 50 winners who gave the right answer on how many times the word “curve” was mentioned in the influencer’s video. 


Featuring DORCO’s curved blade technology, DORCO PACE 3 and PACE 3 Plus portable razor are available on major retailers such as Big C, CJ Express, Lotus’s, Lawson, and Villa and online shopping malls such as Shopee (Link) and Lazada (Link). Keep an eye out for DORCO’s future events in Thailand and its products with outstanding technologies. 

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