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DORCO Receives Awards at PRCA MENA Digital Awards 2021 > NEWSROOM



DORCO Receives Awards at PRCA MENA Digital Awards 2021

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DORCO_PRCA MENA Digital Awards 2021

Celebrating the year’s best digital PR and communications across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, the PRCA MENA Digital Awards 2021 took place on December 9 in Dubai, UAE. DORCO UAE was named as Winner in the Best Use of Video in a Campaign category and Highly Commended for Best Digital Marketing Campaign, marking a successful end to the year.

DORCO_Raising Brand Awareness in MENA

Emphasis on Raising Brand Awareness in MENA

Before the campaign was first launched, DORCO’s brand and products did not have a strong presence in the mind of consumers in the MENA region. Against this backdrop, DORCO UAE targeted to raise the brand awareness and strived to communicate the key message that DORCO offers premium quality at a reasonable price. Accordingly, the campaign focused on dramatizing the downsides that low quality razors offer such as shaving mishaps from razor burn to skin irritation and costly blade refills. By accentuating such problems, DORCO positioned its products as a solution to mitigate those issues. 

DORCO_Shave Goodbye to Bad Razors

Shave Goodbye to Bad Razors Campaign Video

For the campaign, DORCO listened to complaints on social media to identify pet peeves that consumers have about shaving and created video scenarios to address these problems in a humorous way. The brand videos comically touched on shaving issues that man and woman often have, portraying low-quality razors as the main culprit for the shaving troubles. In addition, the scenario development and campaign execution processes were characterized by DORCO’s flexible approaches. During the rollout of the campaign, DORCO continued to fine-tune the target and strategy to effectively induce consumer engagement and monitored social media comments to calibrate the target market and amplify the effects of the brand campaign.  


Evaluating the Campaign’s Success

Thanks to such efforts, the campaign turned out successful, delivering superb performance in terms of both qualitative and quantitative metrics. During the three-month period, the campaign achieved over 20 million impressions and 1.2 million engagements, an increase in the number of followers to DORCO UAE’s Facebook and Instagram, and generated positive feedback to the brand’s messages, creatives, product performance and quality. DORCO’s efforts were recognized at the MENA Digital Awards 2021, held by PRCA, the world's largest PR professional body, where it was named as Winner in the Best Use of Video in a Campaign category and Highly Commended in the Best Digital Marketing Campaign category.

DORCO has strengthened their presence in the MENA region, and the campaign videos were well-received, successfully guiding consumers into the fun-packed and colorful world of DORCO. Indeed, DORCO UAE has a promising path forward that deserves attention. To see DORCO’s award-winning videos, please check out the links below.  

Gents, Shave Goodbye to Bad Razors (#1): Link

Ladies, Shave Goodbye to Bad Razors (#2): Link

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UAE Instagram: