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DORCO's campaign "All Experience Make the Man" has ended > NEWSROOM



DORCO's campaign "All Experience Make the Man" has ended

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DORCO_All Experience Make the Man


Create Experiences to Have “Experiences”


The target customer of DORCO wants to convey the message is Gen Z - the original, opinionated generation who isn't afraid to try new things, individuals that fit the spirit of DORCO. 

And for Gen Z, music is an integral part of life. In May 2021, DORCO released the music video "CHOICHOICHOI" with a very distinctive color of young people.


DORCO focuses on exploiting the potential of underground artists. Young faces collaborating with DORCO are Da So Toi band, Saigon Teu stand-up comedians - representing the youth of the South, and LOW G rapper representing the youth of the North. The song's melody is unique and the witty in the lyrics brings a new musical experience.


DORCO_Music Video

The visual in the MV are inspired by the real life stories of young people. There are things that we consider when we grow up to be small, but those small things are an significant unforgettable experience for young people. DORCO's media team decided to use "surrealism" visual art to depict an significant unforgettable milestone of a "fluffy" time. This is not only the visual orientation for the MV alone, but also the design style on the brand's social platform throughout 2021.


Speak the language of Gen Z, listen to the music of Gen Z, etc. DORCO has really connected with the young generation by telling their stories while maintaining a very DORCO "color". The MV brings impressive numbers for the brand on online platforms. 


 DORCO_Music Video 


After the success of the MV, DORCO continues to maintain a connection with Gen Z with a series of challenges called "Dare To Be Bold" revolving around three main themes: relationships in daily life, social events and journeys growth of each individual.


DORCO flexibly uses multiple online platforms to execute challenges: optimizing participant experience with Instagram and Facebook's AR technology. 2021 is also a year where DORCO has a change in the use of influencer marketing. Not focusing on big names, influencers participating in "Dare To Be Bold" are those who do not need to have a "huge" followers, just have their own quality on social networks, meeting the "original" criteria that Gen Z brings. Participants and audiences enjoy the challenge with their friend, not only because of the attractive reward of the challenge.

DORCO_Dare To Be Bold Challenge

Turning Challenges into Opportunities, True to the Spirit of "All Experience Make The Man"


2021 is a year of many changes. Gen Z is a generation that likes to "move" to explore, but the actual context is difficult to make it happen. Therefore, cyberspace has become a hangout place for many young people. The Internet helps you connect with each other even when you are far away. Connectivity becomes even more essential as Gen Z tends to feel anxious or stressed in the context of social distancing. Grasping the insight, the virtual exhibition “All Experience Make The Man” was held. No need to go far, just sitting at home, young people can connect and discover new things, leisurely connect with friends from all over the world.


At the main hall is where you can observe 50 objects associated with unforgettable memories on the journey of 50 boys growing up. The 50 stories featured in the exhibition are memorable experiences of young people from all over Vietnam, including KOLs and Influencers. There are stories that are sometimes just a trifle in life, but under the colorful perspective of Gen Z, those topics suddenly become more vivid and new. The "surreal" style continues to be exploited to the fullest extent by the brand when collaborating with artist Chu Moi to bring unique works to the exhibition. Connection is no longer a problem!


DORCO_virtual exhibition


No matter who you are, you need to experience it. Because experience makes us more mature. Whether successful or not, the lessons we learn from those experiences are priceless. DORCO always accompanies young people on the journey of self-discovery. Let's look forward to the next activities of DORCO to bring extremely "memorable" experiences to Gen Z!



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