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DORCO Unveils a New Razor to the PACE Pro Series > NEWSROOM



DORCO Unveils a New Razor to the PACE Pro Series

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DORCO has expanded the PACE Pro lineup with the addition of the DORCO PACE 3 Pro. The launch of the PACE 3 Pro marks DORCO’s move to enhance the lineup of premium three-blade razors. Since the release of the world’s first six-blade razor featuring the curved blade technology in 2007, DORCO’s system razors have continuously evolved. The PACE Pro series is the pinnacle of DORCO’s premium product family with its most advanced technology. The newly released PACE 3 Pro showcases upgrades in the lubricating strip and the guard bar. Here are what the PACE 3 Pro has to offer. Let us take a closer look at each of the advantages.


A New Member of the PACE Pro Family

The premium PACE Pro series encompasses the four-blade system razor, PACE 4 Pro, and the PACE 6 Pro 3D Motion equipped with 3D Motion technology. With the addition of the three-blade system razor, PACE 3 Pro, the premium brand is now better positioned to meet diversifying consumer needs. The PACE Pro razors provide a more satisfying shaving experience with SmoothShieldTM, which takes the lubricating strip to the next level, and the high-performance guard bar, SleekFlowTM.


Vastly Improved Razor Cartridge for Enhanced Performance

The new DORCO PACE 3 Pro cartridge features the Easy Rinsing Blade, which provides a more gentle shave and enhances the ease of rinsing, thus keeping the blades clean and extending their lifespan. In addition, blade strengthening and diamond coating technology ensures a close shave with minimum irritation.

The DORCO PACE 3 Pro cartridge also headlines upgraded performance with lubricating strips and guard bars. With SmoothShieldTM technology, the new lubricating strip contains higher lubricant content such as Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, which bring an enhanced soothing effect on the skin. The guard bar also boasts high-performance technologies, which help keep the skin surface in optimal conditions and evenly distribute shaving foam to create a closer shave.


Upgraded Handle for a Better Grip

The PACE 3 Pro’s handle is optimally designed by adding a wavy pattern to the surface to support a comfortable grip. Moreover, the ergonomically designed handle is slip-resistant to create better shaving experiences.

The PACE 3 Pro shows off superb specifications in every aspect from the lubricating strip to the razor blade and the handle. The PACE 3 Pro is packed with DORCO’s next-generation technologies bring consumers’ shaving satisfaction to a new level. DORCO PACE 3 Pro will soon be available in many markets, so please keep an eye out for the upcoming release!

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