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DORCO Launches CSR Activities in Thailand > NEWSROOM



DORCO Launches CSR Activities in Thailand

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DORCO launches CSR activities in Thailand

DORCO has solidified its presence in Thailand as an active member of society. DORCO also engages in various CSR activities, contributing to the local community. Throughout 2021, DORCO provided training for students who aspired to become professional barbers, made donations, and performed community services to support barbers, and local residents hit hard by the pandemic.

DORCO_raising the next wave of barbers

Raising the Next Wave of Barbers

DORCO launched a training program for students at Ayutthaya Polytechnic College. The two-day training was geared to equip aspirating students with professional barbering techniques to foster next-generation barbers and promote the beauty industry in Thailand. The program took place from March 25 to 26, 2021, and DORCO’s technicians were invited to demonstrate their barbering techniques. DORCO also handed out premium gift sets, which included DORCO’s double-edged razor, an umbrella, and a polo shirt, among others, for 100 students. The event successfully came to an end, helping students learn how to use DORCO’s double-edged razor and obtain the knowledge required for the professional world.

DORCOs philanthropy toward barbers

DORCO’s Philanthropy Toward Barbers

DORCO organized donation activities to support barbers in Thailand amid the pandemic. The company reached out to barbers in the throes of the pandemic and distributed 500 relief packs. The campaign, which ran from April through July 2021, donated rice, bottled water, detergent, instant noodle, and other daily necessities for those in need. The campaign gave strong moral support to help many barbers overcome the challenges and enabled DORCO to develop a strong rapport with barbers.  

DORCO assisting the community to get back on their feet

DORCO Assisting the Community to Get Back on Their Feet

Last but not least, DORCO took a step further to bring back some normalcy to the local community by hosting an event for local residents to get a free haircut. In August 2021, DORCO organized a free haircut touring event every Sunday with trainee barbers. Locals received haircuts for free, while trainee barbers received 200 premium gift sets. The event enabled aspiring barbers to hone their skills and look forward to their careers and create pleasant memories for local residents.  

With a wide range of CSR activities, DORCO has been contributing to the development of the local community and the empowerment of students who dream of becoming barbers in Thailand. DORCO will continue its efforts and actions to coexist with students and local residents.