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DORCO’s Expertise: Guard Bar

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The guard bar, a vital component of a razor, protects the skin against razor burn and gently stretches the skin, arranging hairs for a comfortable shave. Through continuous research, DORCO has developed a variety of guard bar designs, including straight-line, comb, and multi-step types, to meet different consumer needs.  


A Secret Behind a Smoother Shave

Guard bar is located in front of the razor blades and is the first to contact the skin when shaving. The guard bar stretches the skin tighter before the blades pass over it to prevent razor burn. In addition, the guard bar has a combing function to arrange the hairs in an optimal shaving angle for a closer shave. A guard bar with holes allows more shaving foam or gel to remain on the face before shaving, creating a smoother shaving experience. As such, the guard bar ensures the comfort and joy of shaving.


DORCO PACE 7 Guard Bar Test Video

DORCO’s Unique Types of Guard Bar

DORCO razors are engineered with various guard bar technologies, such as straight-line, comb, honeycomb, and multi-step guard systems.   


One of the most common guard bar technology is the straight-line design with multiple bars in parallel. It is optimized to keep the skin stretched tight, albeit without additional functions. Other design details such as wavy line, wavy bump, straight-line with comb guard, and geometric line smooth out the skin and adequately position hairs for shaving. Some of DORCO razors only feature a combed guard bar without straight bars, which is well suited to guide hairs into the blade. The comb-type design is available in simple and zigzag shapes.  


DORCO’s Advanced Guard System

The honeycomb guard bar boasts a new design concept, which combines the characteristics of holes and bumps. The design is simple and masculine with a high-tech feel. From the perspective of functionality, the bumpy surface of the guard bar helps arrange the hair for more efficient shaving, and the lubrication holes maintain more shaving foam on the skin for a smooth finish. Moreover, the holes let debris through easier after shaving strokes, improving rinsing efficiency.  

Lastly, the multi-step guard bar brings together the best of straight-line and honeycomb designs. It has four different functions, i.e., the foam path, the hollow guard, the wavy pattern, and the comb guard. The multi-step guard bar can be designed differently according to the mix of these functions from two-step to four-step plus upgraded lubricating strip. The foam path and the hollow guard prevent shaving foam or gel from being wiped away to provide a softer feeling, while the wavy pattern and the comb guard gently stretch the skin and align the hair to the blade for a more effective and close shave.  

What is the Right Guard Bar for You?

DORCO’s guard bar showcases diverse technologies, each with pros and cons. Preferred shaving techniques may differ depending on personal shaving habits. Generally speaking, the straight-line guard bar is an ideal option for a clean shave, supported by its wide contact area, bumpy surface, and ability to stretch and smooth the skin. In addition, the comb-type guard is recommendable for those with long facial hair. The honeycomb type or multi-step guard bar is best suited to deliver better lubrication for those with sensitive skin or who tend to use multiple short strokes.   

DORCO offers diverse guard bar types, and the best guard bar designs differ according to the type of facial hair. The guard bar provides extra protection against the blade and increases cutting efficiency for a more satisfying shaving experience. Try out DORCO razors to enjoy different guard bar types' benefits.  

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