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Your Dermaplaning Tool at Home: DORCO's Eyebrow Razors > NEWSROOM



Your Dermaplaning Tool at Home: DORCO's Eyebrow Razors

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DORCO's eyebrow razors have become the 'must-have' item among consumers. Notably, the eyebrow razors market has rapidly expanded over the past couple of years as dermaplaning has become a beauty buzzword. DORCO has a diverse lineup of facial razors branded as Tinkle and Shai, offering various dermaplaning options.


Eyebrow Razors Leading the 'Dermaplaning' Trend

As the name suggests, eyebrow razors are primarily used to trim and shape eyebrows. YouTube and social media are buzzing with dermaplaning tutorials on sculpting eyebrows, exfoliating dead skin cells, removing peach fuzz and fine facial hairs, and touching up the skin. The dermaplaning trend has redefined the role of eyebrow razors. Women's Dermaplaning U&A Report* published by KANTAR, the world's leading consulting company, found that the largest share of the respondents, 43%, use eyebrow razors as a dermaplaning tool, followed by electric tool (17%), system razor (16%), and disposable razor (15%). The report backs up the fact that eyebrow razors are the most widely used tool for dermaplaning.

*KANTAR Women's Dermaplaning U&A Research Results Report (N=1,000) [2021.08-2021.09]


The 5 Simple Steps for Dermaplaning at Home

1. Prepare your DORCO eyebrow razors.

2. Rinse and dry your face.

3. Hold your skin taut.

4. Shave downwards in short strokes with your blade.

5. Finish off with moisturizer for extra smooth and soft skin.


DORCO's Unique Eyebrow Razors

DORCO offers a wide selection of eyebrow razors that consumers can choose from for dermaplaning purposes. Tinkle Eyebrow Razor, one of DORCO's best-selling products, features a non-foldable stick type design, which 77% of eyebrow razor users prefer. In addition, Tinkle Eyebrow Razor comes with a stainless steel safety cover attached to each blade to protect the skin and make shaving safer. Shai 2 Simple also has a stick-type structure, and its premium non-slip handle provides a comfortable grip. Shai Safe is equipped with a foldable blade, making it very handy to carry around. 


Tinkle's Rave Reviews from Global Consumers

Tinkle Eyebrow Razor is a top-rated product among DORCO's dermaplaning tools. According to KANTAR's consumer study*, DORCO Tinkle gets a warm reception in the US and UK markets and has emerged as a go-to tool among first-time dermaplaners. The thousands of rave user reviews testify the popularity of Tinkle on, such as "I wish I would've bought them sooner.", "Gentle & efficient, and so much easier on my skin than threading." and "These are the only razors I'll use on my face. They pick up so much hair and don't cause me to break out!"

*KANTAR Women's Dermaplaning U&A Research Results Report (N=1,000) [2021.08-2021.09]


DORCO Tinkle 3D Motiongraphic Video

Eyebrow razors are not just for eyebrows but also act as the most useful dermaplaning tool for the entire face, including areas around the lips, cheeks, eyebrows, forehead, and hairline. As these multipurpose razors are convenient and affordable to use and deliver the desired results, they are gaining in popularity as an optimal option for at-home dermaplaning. Try out DORCO's eyebrow razors, which are ready to serve as a comfortable guide to the world of dermaplaning.

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