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DORCO Introduces a New Portable Razor to the PACE Pro Series > NEWSROOM



DORCO Introduces a New Portable Razor to the PACE Pro Series

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DORCO PACE 5 Pro Portable

DORCO unveiled its first 5-blade portable razor, DORCO PACE 5 Pro Portable, to the PACE Pro series. On top of its convenient portability, it is equipped with DORCO's most advanced technologies, such as Easy Rinsing blade, SmoothShieldTM lubricating strip, and SleekFlowTM guard bar to provide a close and clean shave.

DORCO PACE 5 Pro Portable_ER Blade

Advanced Blade Technology for Smoothness and Easy Rinsing

The new product is geared with ER Blade technology that minimizes skin irritation, providing a  smoother shaving experience. The ER Blade also maximizes the blade-to-blade spacing, allowing water to flow more easily. It also helps the residue after shaving to escape easily, resulting in a cleaner shave and prolonging blade life span.

DORCO PACE 5 Pro_Round-shaped Lubricating Strip

Upgraded Round-shaped Lubricating Strip

DORCO PACE 5 Pro Portable's SmoothShield™ lubricating strip is manufactured into a round shape. As a result, a wider surface of the lubricating strip comes in contact with the skin, reducing skin friction and providing smooth gliding.

DORCO PACE 5 Pro_SleekFlow Guard Bar

Improved Guard Bar with Multiple Functions

The SleekFlowTM guard bar, a multi-step Guard System that combines the advantages of a straight-line type and honeycomb guard system*, is another strength DORCO PACE 5 Pro Portable boasts. This unique guard bar provides an enhanced shaving experience through various features. First, the hollow guard keeps shaving foam on the skin and prevents it from being wiped off while the wavy patterned bars work to pull the skin taught. Finally, the comb guard aligns hairs, giving a closer shave through these three features.

*Check out DORCO's unique guard bars: 

DORCO PACE 5 Pro Portable also comes with a trimmer that is ideal for difficult-to-shave areas. In addition, the ergonomically designed non-slip handle enhances the grip even when wet. 

DORCO is very excited to introduce its new premium portable razor that is equipped to help consumers have a more clean and comfortable shave. Check out DORCO's new 5-blade portable razor and follow their continuous efforts to improve the shaving experience:

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