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DORCO’s Efforts to Reduce Plastic Use > NEWSROOM



DORCO’s Efforts to Reduce Plastic Use

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DORCO has been making all-out efforts to integrate sustainability into its business practices, such as developing hybrid* and portable razors made of 100% natural bamboo handle, adopting post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic, and shifting to recyclable paper-based packaging. In celebration of Earth Day 2022 (April 22), DORCO introduces its company-wide efforts to scale back plastic use.

* DORCO’s hybrid razor is a sustainable alternative to disposable razors by reducing plastic content and adopting a reusable handle. 

DORCO_Green Package Project

Going Green with DORCO’s Green Package Project

DORCO is committed to creating a more sustainable society by avoiding the unnecessary use of plastic. One such example is the ‘Green Package’ project to go plastic-free on the packaging. The ‘Green Package’ project replaces plastics with paper-based packaging materials. DORCO also has the capacity to manufacture 100% plastic-free packages, and its products packaged in 100% paper packages are already available in multiple markets around the world. 

DORCO_Bamboo Handle

100% Original Bamboo Handle

DORCO is also making efforts to reduce plastic use across the lifecycle of products through the application of eco-conscious materials, including a bamboo hybrid razor, DORCO ECOSHAVE BAMBOO, and razors made of PCR plastic, DORCO PACE 2 Portable and DORCO PACE 3 Portable.

DORCO ECOSHAVE BAMBOO Hybrid Razor comes with a 100% natural bamboo handle and a 97% recycled plastic connector. Combining the benefits of refillable and portable razors, DORCO ECOSHAVE BAMBOO is lightweight and handy like portable razors. It offers a replaceable blade cartridge like refillable razors, making the razor handle reusable. 

DORCO bamboo hybrid razor became the proud winner of the Personal Care category in the European Private Label Awards 2022 organized by European Supermarket Magazine (ESM) for its innovation and performance.

DORCO_Portable Razors Produced with PCR Plastic 

Portable Razors Produced with PCR Plastic 

The use of PCR plastic also manifests DORCO’s efforts. PCR plastics are recycled materials derived from end-of-life products such as electronic wastes through sorting, crushing, and cleaning processes. In order to reduce plastic use, DORCO has introduced DORCO PACE 2 Portable and DORCO PACE 3 Portable, made of 97% PCR plastic offering consumers a greener option to enjoy close shave and smooth shave.


ECOSHAVE Emblem Symbolizing Sustainable Development

DORCO’s green product packages carry an ECOSHAVE mark, conveying its environmental message. Please do not forget to check the ECOSHAVE emblem on DORCO product packages.  

As part of its commitment to sustainable development, DORCO has fulfilled its corporate social responsibilities through various efforts by making razors more environmentally sustainable, shifting to paper-based packaging materials, and adopting PCR plastic. We also introduced a company-wide ‘no disposable cup’ policy in 2018. Stay tuned for DORCO’s efforts to go green and upcoming sustainably designed portable razors.

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