DORCO Unveils DORCO RAPID, a New Twin-Blade Refillable Razor > NEWSROOM

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DORCO Unveils DORCO RAPID, a New Twin-Blade Refillable Razor > NEWSROOM



DORCO Unveils DORCO RAPID, a New Twin-Blade Refillable Razor

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DORCO RAPID_New Twin Blade System Razor

DORCO unveiled DORCO RAPID, a razor that allows its users to experience a clean and fast shave every day. DORCO RAPID is DORCO’s first twin-blade refillable razor in approximately 10 years after the release of DORCO TG-II Plus. It takes design and performance to new heights with the addition of DORCO’s cutting-edge technology.   

DORCO RAPID_Dynamic Design

DORCO RAPID’s Dynamic Designs

The angular design of the cartridge adds a sharp charm to DORCO RAPID. The button that connects the cartridge to the razor handle is embellished with DORCO’s signature light green color, highlighting its state-fo-the-art shaving technologies applied to the razor. The stripe and micro patterns on the front and back of the handle provide a better grip and bring an additional layer of luxury and finesse to the design.  

DORCO RAPID_Open Flow Cartridge With A Boost In Cleanliness

Open-Flow Cartridge with a Boost in Cleanliness

DORCO RAPID’s cartridge has various technological advantages. Combined with the curved blade, the open-flow technology helps hair residue and foam rinse away more easily. The hygienic design keeps the razor clean and extends the lifespan of the blades.  

DORCO RAPID_Enhanced Closeness And Comfortability

Enhanced Closeness and Comfortability

Another strength of DORCO RAPID comes from its lubricating strip. It contains aloe vera, which soothes the skin, and vitamin E, which helps prevent razor bumps, allowing the blades to glide smoothly over the skin. DORCO RAPID’s handle features stripe and micro patterns to enhance the safety and comfortability of the grip. In addition, the pivoting head helps the razor closely hug all facial contours to deliver a closer shaving experience and enables a quick and easy shave together with the guard bar.  

Equipped with technological advancements such as the open-flow cartridge, DORCO RAPID provides a close shave in a convenient and easy way. Highly recommended for those with sensitive skin, DORCO RAPID is here to deliver a quick and clean shave.

Explore more about the new DORCO RAPID on the product page: Link

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