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  • Our Slogan
  • make it a good start
  • A fresh start to begin every morning.
    Warm memories which we experience for the first time in life.
    Always there with you to make every morning a good start.
도루코 면도기 이미지
  • Our Wordmark
  • 도루코 로고
  • As shaving experts, we understand our customers.
    Our logo includes the letter ‘R’ designed to mirror the shape of a person.

    The bold typeface represents our expertise and reliability based on our technology.
    The round, unique typography illustrates our friendly and approachable personality.
 로고 규격 이미지

Clear space

Clear space is a rule regulation to secure a minimal space to
prevent the wordmark from being intruded by other elements.

The History of
our Corporate Identity

    • 1960's
    • 1960년대 한일공업주식회사 로고
    • Hanil Industrial, which produced knives and zippers was the
      predecessor of DORCO. In 1960, we changed our mission to developing and producing the best razors.
    • 1990's
    • 1990년대 도루코 로고
    • As South Korea's No. 1 razor company, we changed
      our name to DORCO to strengthen the brand image.
    • 2000's
    • 2000년대 도루코 로고
    • We announced the launch of the new logo as part of the
      ongoing evolution of R&D and further expansion of global reach.
    • 2010's
    • 1960년대 도루코 로고
    • We announced the launch of the new logo that conveys our
      mission in 2011. We have added a symbol to represent our initial D
      and the red color to reflect passion, energy, and confidence.
      The sharp arrow within the symbol symbolizes the bright future.
    • 2019
    • 1960년대 도루코 로고
    • We refreshed our logo in 2019, displaying our differentiated
      identity with a modern look while maintaining tradition and
      expertise in a rapidly changing environment.