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Get closer to our shaving technology

Closer blades for a smoother shave

Thanks to our blades which are formed into angle, we can then position them very close together.

The reason for this technique is simple : the narrower the spaces between blades, the less the skin penetrates through them.

So you enjoy a safer, smoother shave with less skin irritation.

Our blades are different

Unlike welded blades, our blades are bent, allowing accurate shaving with precision blades.

What’s more, this construction allows for an open-flow blade cartridge, making the razor easier* to rinse.

*vs. Welded blades with the same span

Common docking system

If you want to try different blades in our range, you can change your refill cartridges whenever you want.
Our common docking system means any of our blade cartridges will fit your razor handle.

Your razor explained

  • Lubricating strip

    Helps your razor glide smoothly and minimizes skin irritation.

  • Blades

    As your shaving experience depends on the number and position of the blades, and the spaces between them, we have precision-engineered our blades to give you a superbly smooth shave in one effortless stroke.

  • Rubber guard

    Helps prepare your skin and hair for the action of the blades.

  • Pivoting head

    Responds to the contours of your skin, helping a smooth, comfortable shave.

  • Head

    Connects the blade cartridge to the handle.

  • Handle body

    Designed to make your razor easy to hold, and to prevent slipping.

PACE blade-grinding and coating technology for the perfect shave

Our grinding process creates long-lasting, precision blades.
Then we apply a high-strength thin film coating for a long life and high performance.

Open-flow blade cartridge

With our open-backed cartridge design, rinsing your razor after shaving is quick and easy. Also, thorough rinsing helps protect your blades from corrosion, making them last longer.

Trimmer for hard-to-reach areas

Some curves and creases can be difficult to reach with a normal razor. But our PACE razors have a built-in trimmer blade for a complete, clean shave.

Lubricating strip to protect your skin

Water-soluble lubricants reduce friction between the blades and your skin. Containing natural extracts, such as chamomile and allantoin, they cool and soothe your skin after your shave.

Soft rubber guard for a gentler feel

The rubber guard glides softly over your skin, preparing it for a comfortable shave.