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  • 5 Blades System
  • Dual Wide Moisture Bar
  • Ergonomically Designed Handle
  • Open-Flow Cartridge
  • Common Docking System
  1. Round Profile &
    Flexible Head

    Ergonomically designed for women’s curved areas including armpits.

  2. Dual Wide Moisture Bar

    Aloe Vera, Argan oil and Avocado oil glide over skin for a comfortable shave.

5 Blade
  1. Easy to Rinse Blades

    With an open structure, allow for an extended blade life.

  2. Ergonomically Designed Handle

    With curved form and non slip rubber allows for a comfortable grip.

Our blades are different

Unlike welded blades, our blades are bent, allowing accurate shaving with precision blades.

What’s more, this construction allows for an open-flow blade cartridge, making the razor easier* to rinse.

*vs. Welded blades with the same span

Common docking system

If you want to try different blades in our range, you can change your refill cartridges whenever you want.
Our common docking system means any of our blade cartridges will fit your razor handle.