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  • The World's First 7 Precision Aligned Blades
  • Front-Hinged Swing System
  • Luxurious Button
  • Super-soft textured wide bar
  • Ergonomically Designed Handle
  • With Aloe, Vitamin E and Argan Oil

The World's First 7 Precision Aligned Blades

Micro positioned to deliver the most comfortable and smooth shave.

7 Blade
  1. Classic Style

    A metal ring attached to the rip of the handle provides high-end, classic look and feel.

  2. Luxurious Button

    Bi-material injection with metal shows the luxurious image and comfort feeling to change a cartridge.

  1. Ergonomically Designed Handle

    A long, thick handle provides excellent control and comfort.

  2. Film Coating

    Various handle designs are available through film coating.

  1. With Aloe, Vitamin E and Argan Oil

    Upgraded Lubricating Strip containing Aloe, vitamin E and Argan Oil provides to make your sensitive skin feel soft and comfortable.

Our blades are different

Unlike welded blades, our blades are bent, allowing accurate shaving with precision blades.

What’s more, this construction allows for an open-flow blade cartridge, making the razor easier* to rinse.

*vs. Welded blades with the same span.

Common docking system

If you want to try different blades in our range, you can change your refill cartridges whenever you want.
Our common docking system means any of our blade cartridges will fit your razor handle.