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  • 3 Blade Shaving Technology
  • Lubricating Strip
  • Pivoting Head
  • Detachable connector
  • 100% Original Bamboo Handle

3 Blade Shaving Technology

The triple-blade system, makes closer contact over facial contours for less skin irritation.

3 Blade
  1. Lubricating Strip with Vitamin E & Aloe

    Allows the blades to glide over the skin for a comfortable shave.

  2. Connector made with 97% recycled plastic

    After using all cartridges, remove the connector From the handle for easy sorting (handle can be re-used)

100% Original Bamboo Handle

Solid handle, verified through durability tests.

Our blades are different

Unlike welded blades, our blades are bent, allowing accurate shaving with precision blades.

What’s more, this construction allows for an open-flow blade cartridge, making the razor easier* to rinse.

*vs. Welded blades with the same span